jjI came to Five Immortal Temple in search of spiritual practices and guidance and Daoist Medicine was not my main goal. What I realized though was that it’s not necessary our personal needs and preferences we are supposed to fulfill but the destiny we are bound up with. I feel that our life unfolds according to what we are ready for, what we have to go through and has to do with more than the mind can comprehend. During Daoist Medicine course I found out that it may become important part of my life and my spiritual development.
Daoist Medicine is not merely medicinal treatment of bodily illnesses but goes much deeper into changing of other people’s thoughts to help them become better beings. Nowadays the Traditional Chinese Medicine which has it’s roots in Daoism does not include many daoist aspects anymore. Somewhere in the past it had lost them and its power is not as strong anymore. These lacking elements i discovered during the Daoist Medicine course. Apart from well-known methods like moxibustion, acupuncture, acupressure, tui-na massage, fire therapy, fumigation, steaming and many more we learnt how to elevate ourselves in order to reduce suffering of others. We were given qi gong excersises to strengthen and purify our own energetic field, to regulate the body and mind, strengthen qi circulation in meridians. Moreover we practiced healing qi gong to be able to purify patient’s energy field and to get rid of his sick Qi.
I realized that The Daoist Doctor is to be in connection with his higher self and the power of Universe. Then he can truly use other techniques to their fullest potential. To be the Daoist Doctor is to walk the Natural Way. This way is to rid himself of desires, ambitions, and arrogance so serving to others must be a part of this way because it helps to dissolve his ego. The lesser ego the more powerful his healing powers are.
It is what I understood from this unique approach to medicine which is connection with nature, it’s cycles, seasons, changes. It goes further beyond into universal laws and its origin – The Dao.
Hidden in the Wudang mountains on the top of white Horse Mountain there is thousands years of knowledge forgotten by those living down below. Their lives one of few left holding this knowledge – Li Shifu – a beggar as he calls himself. It seems to be his mission – to transmit it before it’s forgotten, to save the connection with nature and the universe, to awaken our natural healing powers.
I encourage anybody who is searching for medicinal knowledge but not only those (as I wasn’t focused myself on this aspect until my participation in the course) to come and experience some time in Bai Ma Shan. In these two months great amount of content was revealed and big part of it is not to be found at any other place. This is just the beginning of study for me and there’s lots more to learn and experience. Now I am very excited to put into practice as much as I can. It feels like a new reality is opening in front of me. Studying at Five Immortal Temple with Li Shifu one should find what is missing in nowadays Chinese and Western Medicine. Anybody with open mind and sincere heart will find something precious for himself.