0423_1My time here is almost over, in a few days i will fly back home to Sweden. It feels like i’ve spent a long time here, probably because the weather was very cold when i arrived, but now it is almost summer. I’ve met some amazing people here, all contributing to make the time here as good as possible not to mention the master… what an amazing man. the dynamic of the group is and has been very pleasant. A lot of my energy here has been spent trying to fix my posture, which might have been responsible for several years of back pain, however, my back is still in a bit of pain, but i will go home with a brand new posture! Another problem that i arrived with was my Hypersomnia. Which is a neurological disorder, basically my body nor mind know the difference between sleeping 2 hours or sleeping 20 hours. And since i, with surprise have endured up to 8 hours of training per day, i think i’ve made a lot of progress. But also because i have endured up to 8 hours of training per day, i can clearly see the result.

In my training, i have learned a lot. In my everyday life – i think i have learned even more. The first days, the training felt impossible to grasp, but somehow i managed, and since then i’ve only improved. there are of course still things that my body are not able to do, but now i know i will be able to. If i only put in the effort. Among those things that i’ve practiced and learned are some Qi Gong movements, some kung fu basics (Ji Ben Gong) some Hard Qigong (Da Gong) And last but not least a few steps of the Ba Bu. Although the Ba Bu is quite amazing, i think that the Da Gong have made most progress on my body. and therefore my favorite exercise have been the Da Gong.

So many wonderful things have happened here, that i wont write, but to mention a few: I’ve gotten a new name, Cheng en: which means that i am sincerely grateful, because after having experienced death, i now have a new life; some really good Q&A sessions with Shifu, and some days with over 8 hours of training. Many laughter have been shared and i will bring home some memories for a life time. This place is filled with loving energy, beautiful views and an mystic vibe. I will forever be thankful to this place, Li Shifu and the others whom i spent the time here with.