0524_1(2)We did two months of gong fu and we still have so much to learn…Like Shifu said, here we are learning, and then when we will leave the temple will be time for practice and time to choose…Choose what is the purpose of this huge mass of knowledge we are learning and what we feel to keep with us in the daily life…

Two months that I am here and when I think about it, it looks like my whole life is there now ! Slow by slow in those two months the rhythm and the intensity had been more and more… At the beginning we had only basics…2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon…and after we added babu, da gong, the 7 swords, and start to train between 7 and 8 hours a day…we had a long time without break in the middle of this period…and it’s like our whole life is to sleep, eat, train, practice qi gond and sitting meditation and nothing more… During this process I started to really ask myself “who are you?”, “what are you doing?”, “what’s the meaning of this life?”, “why?”. I wanted each morning to stay in bed, I wanted to be in a place where everything is easy, I wanted to spend a few hours in a chair, sleeping with the sun…and at the same time, my body and my mind were so different than before…when I was living this life far away from here…I am more clear today, more confortable in my structure, more stable…I am more myself, in peace, that i found my own inner peace…Realizing that helped me to deal with requirements here..because what is asked  of me, is for me and not for anyone else… probably by me doing so helps the earth and the wider humanity too…

The qi gong in the morning is maybe my favorite part in this process…waking up when you are tired and feel that practicing those movements help your body to be totally awake…this is a great power I discovered here…that i am able to feel the qi increasing in my dan tian, able to feel the filling of my caldron and be more awake afterwards, than if i slept for those extra two hours… This is the best experience I had here about what we are learning…being able to slow by slow embody the mastery of more power in life and in my body…i became mindful of giving too much power to my desires, being lazy and having messy thoughts… I feel now more in balance, and feel that I know how to re-equilibrate as it’s needed…because the road is long…each time I go back to the city I remember it, when my low desires arise…and my old habits of diving into them appears by the same way…I can see it more clearly now…

In conclusion of this first part in the temple, I would like to say those forbidden words here…thank you…I am so glad to be here, to share with great souls and finally meet a master with a gentle heart and so much knowledge that I am interested in… I just celebrated my birthday for my 30 and I feel more than ever in the right place, at the right time. I start to slowly understand the meaning of the Scriptures that Shifu recites :


da dao wu xing

The Great Dao has no shape


sheng yu tian di

It gave birth to Heaven and Earth


da dao wu qing

The Great Dao has no affection


yun xing ri yue

It moves the sun and the moon


da dao wu ming

The Great Dao has no name


chang yang wu wan

It long nurtures the 10,000 things


wu bu zhi qi ming

I do not know its name


qiang ming ri dao

If I had to name it I would call it “The Way”

Cheng Yü