logoRequirement for the present and future teachers

To all my senior students,

I am very happy to know that some students are already starting to teach in their own classes, longevity centers, martial art academies, or Daoist Medicine clinics. I am very happy that more doors may be opened for more people to study, to understand themselves, to open new thoughts on the value of life, on the changes of society and to contemplate and explore the truth of the universe. The purpose is to easily help other people to understand the important points of the unification of the third dimension and of the higher dimensions.

All the methods taught at the temple are meant to help all living beings, to be in service to others, and to help others open doors. Studying methods is a serious issue, and the methods transmitted should not be used for performance or game. Pay attention to teach in a peaceful environment, with pure thoughts, so as to transmit a pure energy field. In order to teach, you need to start teaching from the foundation. Teaching high level content to a beginner would be like erecting a high building on sand, and may lead the student into crooked paths. Do not mix the contents, methods and principles of Qi Gong Healing and Inner Alchemy Cultivation with other contents, methods and principles taught in other places. Contents that were transmitted secretly to individuals can not be taught.

I support you to teach and transmit according to these requirements.

You can contact me if you have any questions,

Li Shifu

List of contents that can ONLY be taught to students having reached a MEDIUM LEVEL of achievement:

From the Gong-Fu course :

  • The 7th, 8th and 9th steps of the Eight Steps, Ba Bu
  • The Earth Set of Da Gong
  • The Ti Ba Long Xin Sword Form
  • All unique skills

From the Tai Ji course :

  • All methods of push-hand for sparring
  • All methods of Fire Tai Ji sparring
  • All unique skills of Fire Tai Ji

List of contents that CAN NOT be transmitted outside of the temple :

(Only senior students who passed examinations according to high requirements and who received the personal agreement of Li Shifu are allowed to teach those contents)

From the Inner Alchemy/Dan Dao course :

  • All teachings concerning the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits
  • Lighting the Fire
  • High Level Fasting for Inner Alchemy/Dan Dao

From the Daoist Medicine course :

  • All of the Daoist Medicine inner methods, talismans and incantations
  • All of the content of the Qi Gong Healing : stances, movements, and methods to use energy fields
  • All medicinal formulas
  • The Heavenly Tunes for music healing

From the Feng Shui Yi Jing course :

  • All methods to regulate the Feng Shui of energy fields
  • Yi Jing : special methods of calculation/casting

And :

  • All Daoist methods for practicing on an altar and for erecting an altar