IMG_1514Beginning of 2016 Gong Fu course

As the mountain is awakening with the energy of spring, we are opening our first course for the year 2016: the Kung Fu course.

We welcomed 11 students in the temple: 9 new students from France, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, England, and Hungary; and 3 returning students who attended some courses in 2015 from Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

For the first week of class, the students learned the basics guidelines of living in the temple, including offering incense, and in theory classes studied the history of Wudang Kung Fu.

They started the early morning practices of standing meditation, practicing different kinds of Standing Pillars and QI Gong movements for collecting Qi, and evening sitting meditation.

We studied the basics of Kung Fu and trained them in the morning and in the afternoon : various kinds of stretches, stances, kicks, punches, and Kung Fu sequences. Everyone’s body is adjusting to the natural environment and the intensity of the training.

At the end of the first week, the new students received names during a ceremony in the Five Immortals Altar.

IMG_1534 IMG_0047

Testimony of Cheng Feng  after healing the Buddhist nun in Hong Kong.

I recently went to Hong Kong and stayed there in a Buddhist monastery with very friendly monks and nuns. After a few days, I noticed that one nun seemed to feel cold all the time, even though the weather was not cold. I talked to her and she quickly started sharing with me that she was indeed suffering from serious imbalances of her physical body for more than two years, which made her feel very uncomfortable most of the time. She would feel cold in her limbs almost all the time, was generally very weak, and had a very sensitive stomach that would be unable to digest properly most kind of foods, making her unable to gain energy through a richer nutrition. She told me that various doctors had tried to help her, but that no treatment had any effect. I offered to give her some treatment, without being able to guarantee that it would have any effect, because I was myself not so sure of the root of her problem. She accepted, hoping that maybe there would be a way for her to recover. For only 3 days, I gave her treatments using natural methods of Daoist Medicine. After the first day, she already started to feel better, and after 3 days, she was completely back to normal. She was not feeling cold anymore, had more energy, and her stomach was much better, so that she was able to start eating the normal diet of the monastery again. She was very happy and very grateful.

cheng feng