Daoist Medicine Course – 9 weeks
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AUGUST 29 – NOVEMBER 04 : Daoist Medicine


  • Daoist longevity theories
  • Comprehensive course of study
  • Yin Yang theory, Five Elements theory, Ba Gua theory, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Nine Palaces theory.
  • Diagnostic methods: perception, inspection, listening, questioning, touching, feeling
  • Contraindications and requirements
  • Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, moxibustion, pricking, scraping, fire healing, Qi Gong healing method, and music healing
  • Herbal formulas
  • Identification and gathering of herbs : 2-3 herbs/day
  • Huang Di Nei Jing – Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic : theories and main points
  • Longevity training (3 sets of 9 movements)
  • Healing Qi Gong (set of 9 movements and application methods)
  • Bone Marrow Qi Gong (3 movements)
  • Standing meditation to cultivate Qi
  • Sitting meditation to cultivate stillness and circulate Qi
  • Feng Shui : regulation methods of influences on the human body
  • Yi Jing : Foundational methods of divination
  • And more…

The minimum amount of students required for this course is 8. We keep the right to cancel the course 1 month prior to the date of the course beginning if the amount of students will not reach the minimum number. The total cost for that particular course is 12000 RMB. Anyone honestly interested in taking part in that course is required to fill out and submit an application form (download here) upon which the decision to accept the student or not will be made. Approximate time for that decision making is 3 weeks. After the student has been accepted in order to fully secure his/her place one must pay the deposit of 6000 RMB. If for any unforeseen reason a student is unable to attend the course, we reserve the right to keep the student’s deposit as this may have taken an opportunity away for someone else to join the course. If for any reason the course will be canceled the deposit will be refunded in full.  For more information on how to register visit contact page.

New Healing Opportunity for those in Need – 21 day
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A new opportunity has arisen…

The construction works of the White Horse Mountain Five Immortals Temple Daoism & Qi Gong Healthcare Centre is soon to be completed, because a lot of people want to come to this place in order to study and use the natural methods of Daoism & Qi Gong for self healing and to regain their own health. Therefore we decided to allocate a time slot for a course in Daoism & Qi Gong healthcare lectures and practices from 10th-30th October, 21 days in total. We hope that the application of Eastern healing methods will help people to resolve the pain and suffering of body and mind.

Be clear that we are not a hospital here and we are not a hotel, as our living conditions are very austere. We are also not Spirit immortals or angels. No one can guarantee that your illness will be resolved. We are only able to provide an opportunity, since your health and life are in your own hands. Via the methods that we teach to you we are hoping that you will be able to open a great gate of your own body’s self healing abilities. We hope that you are able to retrieve your health through the study of theoretical knowledge and practical methods of healthcare. You could apply the knowledge and methods of your studies to help even more people to get healthy. Therefore if your body and mind present with problems, you can participate in this course.

The study content:

  1. Holistic healthcare theories and knowledge
  2. Fire healing, moxibustion, cupping, music healing, Qi Gong healing and other external regulatory foundational theories and methods
  3. The study of Daoist Yoga [Dao Yin], Qi Gong, standing pillars and sitting meditation methods tailored to one’s symptoms
  4. Participation of collective sitting meditation, chanting of the scriptures and the study of the morning and evening Daoist liturgy.


In advance download (click here) and submit your application, as the maximum number of participants is five people per course. Participants must be aged between 18 to 50 years and strictly comply with the temple requirements in regards to clothing, diet, living and conduct, as well as obey to the temple administration. If the recovery is very smooth, you can donate towards the renovations of the temple according to the individual situation and recognition. There are no restrictions on how much or how little you contribute. Upon arrival there is an adaptation phase of seven days. If you dislike it, you can get a refund on departure.

Study schedule plan:

In the early morning one hour of Qi Gong and Standing Meditation;

In the morning one hour of study, the free time is for the practice of Gong [skill] and

practical applications;

In the afternoon one hour of study, the free time is for the practice of Gong and practical applications;

In the evening collective sitting meditation for one hour. One must partake in the collective recitation of scriptures and the morning and evening Daoist liturgy.

Altogether this 21-day-course costs 6000 RMB. There is no fee for the healing or the study during this course.

White Horse Mountain Five Immortals Temple

Daoist Medicine Advanced Level Healing Course – 2 weeks
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NOVEMBER 11 – NOVEMBER 25:  Daoist Medicine Advanced Level Healing Course

Having completed the Daoist Medicine course students can now legally work in China and abroad!

This is the first time in China that the teachings of Chinese Medicine and Daoist Medicine are unified in a way that allows the practitioner to hold a legal certificate.

Under the umbrella of the Chong Hua Chinese Medicine Educational Institute, the Five Immortals Temple is now legally authorized as a Chinese Medicine and Daoist Medicine International Training Center.

The students who successfully pass our examination so as to be qualified according to the teachings, can get a legal certificate of Chinese Medicine approved by the Chinese government.

In countries that have mutual agreement with China that recognize those certificates, students can legally work as Chinese Medicine Health Recovery and Physiotherapy practitioners. The certificate allows them to legally practice all the healing methods studied at the temple, except prescribing herbal medicine formulas and performing procedures that invade the skin (like acupuncture and prick-bleeding).

For our students who have attended and studied the Daoist Medicine Course in the past but did not receive a legal certificate then, we will open an additional 15 days Daoist Medicine High-Level Healing Course.

The content of study of this Daoist Medicine Advanced Level Healing Course is:

  • Training methods and application methods for incantations, energy, and talismans
  • Methods to erect a small personal altar for training, ceremony and healing, methods to communicate with Heaven and Earth and higher energy fields
  • Healing and recovery methods for 60 types of common and chronic diseases.

To attend this course all the students must have completed the Daoist Medicine Course in its entirety, and must have a solid foundation in all the contents taught during the Daoist Medicine Course, as this content will not be taught again.

Requirements for Advanced Level Healing :

  • Strict observation of precepts
  • Elevation of one’s own heart of love, compassion, forgiveness and inclusivity
  • Willingness to use the skills and methods studied to help other people

Dates of the course: 11 nov 2017 to 25 nov 2017

Livelihood fee:  1500 CNY

Certificate issuance fee 6000 CNY

(this fee goes entirely to the certificate issuing national organization)