Cheng Liang and Fanyi – healing progress review

Before Cheng Liang, a new student from Ireland, came to Five Immortals Temple, he suffered from physical as well as mental problems that Western medicine labelled irreversible and incurable by any medicine. He came to the Five Immortals Temple on White Horse Mountain to participate in classes. Through the administration of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the practice of Qi Gong as well as the holistic and integrated regulation of his entire system, he now has already returned back to normalcy on the whole. He and his family members are all very thankful to Li Shi Fu for saving his life. Actually they are preparing to personally come to China to express their gratitude to Li Shi Fu. He is now gearing up to write a book about his extra-ordinary journey.

Fanyi, a student from France, suffered from disharmony of her endocrine system, internal bleeding, constipation and seven other ailments. After hearing stories about Wudang White Horse Mountain Five Immortals Temple, she decided to visit the place and check it out. Six days ago she arrived on White Horse Mountain, and on the first day she perceived the powerful energetic field here. She seemed to have found home and cried out of excitement. On the third day she begged Li Shi Fu to help her to get rid of the torment of her long term illness. Li Shifu compassionately poured her half a glass of “Qi” Tea and within half a day she had already passed four stools. Her original complaint of constipation being able to pass stools only once every four days had disappeared. Yesterday Li Shi Fu taught her four Daoist Yoga Longevity exercises; after she practiced them for half an hour she continuously burped for several hundred times, her past long term Spleen and Stomach pathology slowly felt relieved. She indebtedly said, ‘In the last ten years I have cried less than these few days here, I am very grateful Li Shi Fu.