This year’s Internal Alchemy course already commenced on August, 16th. 36 people have been listening to classes, while everyone’s pursuits and objectives are different. Some people would like to find their own path which has been lost in their lifestyle in society, some would like to explore the mysteries of the Great Dao, others would like to sublimate their self and elevate their own energy fields and vibration frequencies. Perhaps there will be many people with great gain, perhaps there will also be many people feeling disappointed. Many people who wanted to come here did not have the chance to do so., because our capacity for the group is already completely full.

The purpose of the Internal Alchemy course is to study its principles, strengthen the physical flesh, transform our endocrine system, heighten our vibrational frequencies and open our Divine Inner Nature and wisdom. This will allow us to unify even more with Heaven and Earth, nature, and the universe, and to come even closer to the origin of the Great Dao. After seeing this information people who did not come here to partake in the Internal Alchemy course, are able to practice sitting meditation together with us at this period of time. If the practice of sitting meditation and the training of Gong [skill] is identical, they perhaps will also attain the same results. That is why I suggest everybody to extract a little bit of time every day. Your time and China’s time must be synchronized and coordinated – in China the meditation practice happens from 08:30 in the evening. From the  20th to 26th of August, a time period of seven days, practice sitting meditation simultaneously with us, quieten yourself for 20, 30 minutes or one hour. Before sitting meditation we pray:

 My hope is world peace, harmony of human mankind and a beautiful earth. I pray for our wisdom to be set free and for the merging of Heaven, Earth and the Ten Thousand Things into an integrated whole. This will allow us to even more grasp the true principles of the universe, the true essences of life and to come closer to the origin of the Great Dao.

During these seven days there is a special time; the solar eclipse. During this day of the solar eclipse every place experiences it at a different time. If during this time period of the solar eclipse you can select 20 minutes, 30 minutes to quieten yourself and to practice sitting meditation and stillness cultivation, you can perceive special energy fields.

Anyone who sees these news can try and practice sitting meditations with us.

-Li Shifu-