In case of any queries or questions please feel free to contact us through the contact options listed below:
• For the general information and course registration contact:
By e-mail:
• For 3 days visitation inquiry contact directly current temple student handling foreigners’ affair:
Loan ( Cheng Feng)
By phone: (+86) 18314796769
By e-mail:
By we chat: loanguylaine
• In case you are currently in China and you like to directly contact the temple:
Temple landline: (+86) 13177463167
(ask for Cheng Jiu or Cheng Feng if Chinese speaking person answers the phone do the same and wait patiently until some English speaking person will be called)
• In case if any above stated number is not accessible and you urgently need help please contact:
Piotr (Xiao Bo)
By phone: (+86) 184014971163
• If you have any questions about the website content or you discovered some problems during viewing our website than please write to:
Piotr (Xiao Bo)
By email:

*If you are planning on calling temple or temple residents, please be aware of time zone difference.

* It is mandatory to notify us about your health condition, possible disease and allergies before visiting the Temple.

*  For 3 days visits please provide us with your name, country of origin, a brief introduction about yourself (main life goals and directions) as well as purpose of visiting the Temple.


Visa information:
Anyone intending to enter The People’s Republic of China must obtain a valid passport and visa. We will help you with claiming your visa by issuing a letter of invitation which shall be later attached to your visa application form. If student planning to stay longer than the visa was issued for than there might be possibility to extend it the in nearby city but that is not guaranteed . All foreigners residing in China are obliged to leave the country borders after the period of 6 months in order to get a new visa. Usually at when that time comes the student is simply traveling to Hong Kong  to obtain the new visa.

Travel information:
The Five Immortals Temple is located in Southern Central China in Wudang mountain range, Hubei Province, Shiyan City, Zhang Wan District, Bai Lin Town, White Horse Mountain Village.

Destination for your travel is Shiyan city (Hubei province) where one of our older students will be waiting for you to help with further transportation in to the temple. (from Shiyan to the bottom of the mountain is around 1 hour 30 minutes plus additional hour to hike up.

Some helpful travel tips how to get to Shiyan city:

• You can fly directly to SHIYAN airport
• From XIANGFAN (XiangYang) 1-2 to Shiyan (by taxi)
• From WUHAN (view train timetable in link below)
• From XIAN (view train timetable in link below)
• From BEIJING (view train timetable link below)
• From SHANGHAI (view train timetable in link below)
• From HONG KONG (view train timetable in link below)
To buy train ticket in advance please visit Travel China Guide website.

For commonly asked questions view FAQ section.

China Map

China Map

Hubei Province Map

Hubei Province Map