Daoist Divination 

Last summer Li Shifu performed a ceremony in the main temple hall of the ‘Five Immortals’, during which he used an ancient Chinese method of divination called ‘Divinatory Horns’ to cast a hexagram for everyone in the course, in order to give every person a direction for their life and study in the future. The cast hexagram provides concrete answers to the person’s individual problems and question at that time. Some hexagrams pointed out very personal and private matters and explained how to deal with them.

Li Shifu told us, that we must only calm our body and mind, employ sincerity, honesty and respect, be totally focused and concentrated when raising the question. Through this method anyone can obtain an accurate answer to one’s questions.

Li Shifu also said:

“Sages do not cast divinations.
All the matters to be done are for ‘clear-sighted people falling into the well’.
What does this mean?
Foretelling the future bring forth a selfish aspect.
Things that are beneficial for oneself are done, matters without gain are left undone.
But some matters are one’s responsibility and duty,
Because they are acts of merit and virtue.
Therefore despite of not being profitable for oneself they have to be carried out. “

The study of the Yi Jing has two sentences that are of utmost importance:

“Quiet, still and unmoving,
therefore one is able to perceive higher understanding
through communication with the higher realms.”

“A man of noble character attains the ability to endure hardships;
An inferior man attains an easy and light-hearted life.”

This is the cultivation of the unification of the physical body and the higher self.
It is truly mysterious and extremely profound.