p1060228The Daoist Medicine course 2016 lasted 2 months from 1st September to 31st October, and was attended by 20 students, from France, America, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, Brazil, Israël.

The course was very intensive, with a great amount of content in terms of physical practice as mush as theory. Every day would start before sunrise with one and a half hour of Qi Gong, then after breakfast with either a physical practice class, or a theory class.  After lunch, the afternoon were spent studying theory, and putting into practice the healing methods studied during theory classes. The evenings after dinner, were dedicated to the practice of Qi Gong Healing for one hour, before one more hour of sitting meditation.

In terms of physical practice, the students learned :

  • Tian Ma Tai Ji form 33 movements, according to water style method of training
  • Longevity Gong, 3 sets of 9 movements
  • Bone-Marrow Washing Gong, 3 movements.
  • QI Gong Healing

The theory contents contained :

  • History of Daoist Medicine
  • Theory of Yin-Yang, Five Elements, Eight Trigrams, Nine Palaces, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches
  • Theory of the meridians and study of commonly used acupuncture points : location, healing properties, prohibitions
  • 6 methods of differentiation
  • Acupuncture : 27 methods to tonify, 25 methods to reduce, Nine Palaces Acupuncture method, Acupuncture according to the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches
  • Moxibustion : various methods, and formulas. How to make your own moxa.
  • Chinese Medicine Herbs : identification of herbs in nature, nature, properties. Medicinal formulas for oils, alcohols, decoctions, powders.
  • Scraping
  • Prick-bleeding
  • Cupping
  • Massage
  • Music Healing
  • Fire Healing
  • Eight Trigrams Numerals Healing
  • Qi Gong Healing
  • and much more….

The students also participated to ceremonies, to regulate human energy fields and external energy fields according to special Daoist methods to connect with Heaven and Earth, including relieving the souls of departed ones.  `

Through this intensive studies, all students had the opportunity to transform and elevate themselves on the level of body, thoughts, understanding, and knowledge.