Hello everybody,
IMG_2122 the Daoist Medicine course has finally began. The new students had time to adjust to the life here and were introduced to our daily schedule: qi gong before breakfast, cleaning the temple after breakfast, morning class about formal structure,where we have been learning a Healing Qi Gong set and a Longevity set, theory class in the afternoon and meditation in the evening. In the first classes Shifu introduced us briefly to the content that will comprehend natural healing  methods such as acupuncture, moxibustion, pricking, cupping, scraping, fire healing ,steam and vapor healing, herbs, food, longevity, Daoyin, Qigong and Qigong healing methods, mudras,
talismans and incantations. Shifu also spoke about the difference between Chinese medicine,that uses methods with form to regulate the body and the organs, and Daoist medicine which also comprehends formless methods and unifies the regulation of the physical body and the formless body: a real doctors aim is ultimately to heal the thoughts: the form and formless ascpects can`t be separated and often just regulating the body can’t have aIMG_2334 definitive effect if the thoughts and habits don’t change. A few classes were dedicated to an overview of medicine in China from the ancient times to the modern situation. Daoist medicine comes from ancient shamanic methods and shamanic tradition which put emphasis on the unification of man with heaven and earth:the character used for shaman ( Wu) is formed by two horizontal lines,one on top and one on the bottom, which represent  heaven and earth, in the middle a vertical line and two characters of people connects the upper and lower line, this represents the communication between  the two realms and the people. These aspects nowadays are often discarded from Chinese Medicine and considered superstitious

IMG_2350At the Black Dragon Spring the constructions are progressing well: the construction of a small altar just in front of the spring dedicated to the Black Dragon and of Tai Shan Miao will be completed in a few months from now.This little temple will be dedicated to Tai Shan Da Di, protector of mount Tai Shan,  and Bi Xia Yuan Jun (translated as Princess of the Jespermist), which was a mortal who reached immortality through cultivation.