Daoyin  Yangsheng Gong – Longevity

« Five Dragons Skill to Expel Diseases and Prolong Life»

Daoyin Yangsheng Gong

Daoyin Yangsheng Gong

Spit out the old, take in the new, support the upright, dispel the evil, circulate the eight vessels, remove illness, and prolong life. Daoyin Yangsheng Gong longevity practice is comprised of simple movements aligned with the breath. It is designed to improve and restore health, dredge the meridians, remove disease, prolong life, replenish original qi and increase power of immune system by strengthening the connective tissue, tendons, joints, and increasing flow of qi and blood. It is divided into 3 sections. The first section made up of 9 yogic movements, second section is 9 movements of special breathing technique combined with circular movement of arms, third section is 9 standing meditation postures to cultivate internal energy. A vital and treasured practice for everyone.

Outside of Western Medicine [Alternative longevity Healing Therapy]

The scope of longevity theories is vast and comprehensive, and details each and every aspect of life.  In Daoist medicine, the theories and objectives of longevity are called ‘The Dao of Longevity’ and  the methods and skills of longevity are called ‘The Art of Longevity’.

The Dao of Longevity is divided four main categories:
Heavenly Section, Earthly Section, Human Section and Harmony Section

These four categories broadly outline the transmission of nine thousand years of Chinese culture,  which encompass the concepts of Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, the five elements, Feng Shui,  religious faith, Chinese medicine, diet, folk customs, Daoist Yoga, and other aspects of longevity theories.  Daoist guidelines are the unification of Heaven and Humans, to be in tune with nature, to grasp  Yin-Yang, and invert the trigrams Qian and Kun.  These concepts therefore emphasis the need to not violate the natural order, and to value the  integrative harmony between humans, nature, and society.

Just like it is said in the 《The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic》:
‘Above, know the heavenly bodies,
Below, know the earthly principles,
in the the centre, know human affairs,
thus becoming everlasting’.

Therefore one must attach importance to the maintenance of the physical form. One must also give  priority to the regulation of the mind, the consciousness and the psyche. Moreover, one should  safeguard the spirit and perfect the form, and simultaneously protect the form and sublimate the  spirit. In addition, one must unite movement and stillness, dually cultivate virtue and conduct, be clear about the principles, acquire an exquisite skill-sets, and only then can one claim to truly know,  truly revere, and truly nourish and protect life.

(1) The Heavenly Section:
The Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Time, the four seasons, the eight important lunar dates,  the Yin-Yang, the eight characters, Pre-Heaven, Cause-Effect, karmic retribution, higher and  multiple dimensions, transgressions, faith, thoughts, consciousness, inhibitions, the Way and  Virtue, compassion and love and so on. One should contemplate all formless energetic fields and external causative factors that exert  an influence on health.

(2) The Earthly Section:
I. Family Home’s Interior:
Environment, air, Yin-Yang, Five Elements, direction of the door, layout of the  living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet, the degree of dampness and dryness, light and  sound, magnetism and electricity, new houses versus old houses, new furniture  versus old furniture, haunted abode, style of furniture, arts and crafts, designs and  patterns, air-conditioning, antiques, ancestral shrines, spirit powers, murderous  weapons, animals, plants, feng shui and so on.  One must ponder about all energetic fields and objects that exert an influence on  health within the family.
II.Family Home’s Exterior:
Five Elements, Feng Shui, sound and light, water and electricity, mountains and  forests, high and low, green and white, paths and roads, neighbors, location and  grounds, history of the place, ancestral shrines, temples, churches, energetic fields’  magnetism and so on.  One must take into consideration all environmental factors, five elements and  energetic fields that could have an effect on health outside one’s home.

(3) Human Section:
Everyday life-style, conduct and manners, seven emotions, eight desires, diet, clothes and  utilities, habits, movement and stillness, work and rest, hobbies and addictions, manual  labor, biology and its trans formative phases such as puberty, poverty and luxury, lifestyle,  type of work, enterprises and career, above and below, flat and house mates, hereditary  legacy, relations and so on. One must take into account all material matters and internal factors, as well as energetic fields that affect health.

(4) Harmony Section:
1. Heaven, Earth, man, laws, destiny and harmony.
2. Prevention of threatening disease, Regulation of initial illness,  Healing of those already sick, and contemplation of the reasons after recovery.
3. Begging the doctor for help, pleading for medicine, the five element correspondences and healing oneself.
4. Suitable methods and medicine according to the person, differentiating and administering the treatment.
5. Diet, herbal medicine, pellets, pills, pastes and powders; decoctions, alcohol, oil and tea; acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and prick-bleeding; scraping, massage, rinsing, immersing; usage of non-inhaled smoke, fumigating, fire and steaming; sound, Qi, numerals and trigrams;movement, stillness; fasting and Dao Yin;mantras, talisman, repentance and prayers; erecting an altar, ritual, recitation of scripture and prayer paper; shifting form and changing environment.
6. Alternative treatment for terminal illnesses, a great pledge and vow, becoming a new person.

‘Life and death only exist in your thoughts. Let go of attachments and prolong life…’
This is a crude outline and general idea -a drop in the ocean. In Chinese they say:
‘One hair of nine oxen.’

 Wudang Chun Yang Daoyin Yangsheng Gong