November 11, 2017 – November 25, 2017 all-day
Five Immortals Temple

NOVEMBER 11 – NOVEMBER 25:  Daoist Medicine Advanced Level Healing Course

Having completed the Daoist Medicine course students can now legally work in China and abroad!

This is the first time in China that the teachings of Chinese Medicine and Daoist Medicine are unified in a way that allows the practitioner to hold a legal certificate.

Under the umbrella of the Chong Hua Chinese Medicine Educational Institute, the Five Immortals Temple is now legally authorized as a Chinese Medicine and Daoist Medicine International Training Center.

The students who successfully pass our examination so as to be qualified according to the teachings, can get a legal certificate of Chinese Medicine approved by the Chinese government.

In countries that have mutual agreement with China that recognize those certificates, students can legally work as Chinese Medicine Health Recovery and Physiotherapy practitioners. The certificate allows them to legally practice all the healing methods studied at the temple, except prescribing herbal medicine formulas and performing procedures that invade the skin (like acupuncture and prick-bleeding).

For our students who have attended and studied the Daoist Medicine Course in the past but did not receive a legal certificate then, we will open an additional 15 days Daoist Medicine High-Level Healing Course.

The content of study of this Daoist Medicine Advanced Level Healing Course is:

  • Training methods and application methods for incantations, energy, and talismans
  • Methods to erect a small personal altar for training, ceremony and healing, methods to communicate with Heaven and Earth and higher energy fields
  • Healing and recovery methods for 60 types of common and chronic diseases.

To attend this course all the students must have completed the Daoist Medicine Course in its entirety, and must have a solid foundation in all the contents taught during the Daoist Medicine Course, as this content will not be taught again.

Requirements for Advanced Level Healing :

  • Strict observation of precepts
  • Elevation of one’s own heart of love, compassion, forgiveness and inclusivity
  • Willingness to use the skills and methods studied to help other people

Dates of the course: 11 nov 2017 to 25 nov 2017

Livelihood fee:  1500 CNY

Certificate issuance fee 6000 CNY

(this fee goes entirely to the certificate issuing national organization)