July 13, 2017 – August 9, 2017 all-day
Five Immortals Temple

JULY 13 – AUGUST 09 : Fire Style Tai Chi fist

The Fire Style Tai Chi course is open to students who attended the 2017 Water Style Tai Chi course, or to students who have studied Water Tai Chi (Tian Ma Tai Chi 33 movements form) at the temple during previous years also for practitioners of other  styles who accumulated at least 360 hours of diligent training. The maximum age of applicants accepted for that particular course is 45.

Content :

  • Tian Ma Tai Chi ( 33 movements form, fire style training methods)
  • Advance stationary Fa Li – power emission training (fist, palm, elbow, shoulder, hip, leg)
  • Fa Li combinations
  • Pushing Hands for sparring (single hand, two hands, stationary and stepping methods)
  • Tai Chi sparring and Kung Fu unique skills training methods
  • Standing meditation to cultivate Qi (Taiji pillars)
  • Sitting meditation to cultivate stillness and circulate Qi
  • And more…

The minimum amount of students required for this course is 8. We keep the right to cancel the course 1 month prior to the date of the course beginning if the amount of students will not reach the minimum number. The total cost for that particular course is 6000 RMB. Anyone honestly interested in taking part in that course is required to fill out and submit an application form (download here) upon which the decision to accept the student or not will be made. Approximate time for that decision making is 3 weeks. After the student has been accepted in order to fully secure his/her place one must pay the deposit of 3000 RMB. If for any unforeseen reason a student is unable to attend the course, we reserve the right to keep the student’s deposit as this may have taken an opportunity away for someone else to join the course. If for any reason the course will be canceled the deposit will be refunded in full.  For more information on how to register visit contact page.