October 10, 2017 – October 30, 2017 all-day
Five Immortals Temple

A new opportunity has arisen…

The construction works of the White Horse Mountain Five Immortals Temple Daoism & Qi Gong Healthcare Centre is soon to be completed, because a lot of people want to come to this place in order to study and use the natural methods of Daoism & Qi Gong for self healing and to regain their own health. Therefore we decided to allocate a time slot for a course in Daoism & Qi Gong healthcare lectures and practices from 10th-30th October, 21 days in total. We hope that the application of Eastern healing methods will help people to resolve the pain and suffering of body and mind.

Be clear that we are not a hospital here and we are not a hotel, as our living conditions are very austere. We are also not Spirit immortals or angels. No one can guarantee that your illness will be resolved. We are only able to provide an opportunity, since your health and life are in your own hands. Via the methods that we teach to you we are hoping that you will be able to open a great gate of your own body’s self healing abilities. We hope that you are able to retrieve your health through the study of theoretical knowledge and practical methods of healthcare. You could apply the knowledge and methods of your studies to help even more people to get healthy. Therefore if your body and mind present with problems, you can participate in this course.

The study content:

  1. Holistic healthcare theories and knowledge
  2. Fire healing, moxibustion, cupping, music healing, Qi Gong healing and other external regulatory foundational theories and methods
  3. The study of Daoist Yoga [Dao Yin], Qi Gong, standing pillars and sitting meditation methods tailored to one’s symptoms
  4. Participation of collective sitting meditation, chanting of the scriptures and the study of the morning and evening Daoist liturgy.


In advance download (click here) and submit your application, as the maximum number of participants is five people per course. Participants must be aged between 18 to 50 years and strictly comply with the temple requirements in regards to clothing, diet, living and conduct, as well as obey to the temple administration. If the recovery is very smooth, you can donate towards the renovations of the temple according to the individual situation and recognition. There are no restrictions on how much or how little you contribute. Upon arrival there is an adaptation phase of seven days. If you dislike it, you can get a refund on departure.

Study schedule plan:

In the early morning one hour of Qi Gong and Standing Meditation;

In the morning one hour of study, the free time is for the practice of Gong [skill] and

practical applications;

In the afternoon one hour of study, the free time is for the practice of Gong and practical applications;

In the evening collective sitting meditation for one hour. One must partake in the collective recitation of scriptures and the morning and evening Daoist liturgy.

Altogether this 21-day-course costs 6000 RMB. There is no fee for the healing or the study during this course.

White Horse Mountain Five Immortals Temple