The Essentials of the Shortcut to the Great Achievement (part 4)

Explanation on the Verifications of Reversions

When setting out to commence the “Method of Seven Reversions and the Nine Returns”, i.e. the macro-cosmic orbit, one must at first put one’s thoughts into the lower Cinnabar Field. One must place one’s intent in the internal Golden Cauldron, i.e. the lower Cinnabar Field, thus Original Qi gives birth to Spirit, causing Spirit and Qi to fuse into one. One must be thoughtful and meticulous, not too close, not too far, preserve nothingness [the Original Spirit] and defend the existing [Original Qi]. One should nourish one’s own Spirit, gradually transforming the mechanism. Sit in oblivion for a long time and through this cultivation the Yin Spirit returns and eventually the elixir coagulates. Once the elixir is completed, forget it all. When the embryonic breath is stable, normal nose and mouth breathing stops. One uses internal movement, tapping into the Cinnabar Field for breathing and not the respiratory system. Moreover one’s true seed is produced, the seed of one’s life. One’s True Qi is mobilized. Every day one’s Essence, Qi and Spirit are unified and one’s body and mind become merged. One must not concern oneself with happiness, as it will merely make one’s desires come out.

“Be sure not to get stained by beauty and joy.
When clothes touch water, they get wet.
When clothes skim the ground, they get dirty.”

Water-Fire: After Completion. Water and fire have to be equal. There are examples in Tibet where people have set themselves internally on fire and burnt themselves up. Normal people consider this combustion an achievement. But actually they have not fully grasped that it indicates a lack of control of the fire. It is far away from having attained a high level, let alone the Dao. The turtle-snake naturally coils up, i.e. Spirit and Qi merge without dispersion. Mobilizing its four limbs, its entire body is moving while linking up the hundred bones, i.e. having a thorough knowledge of the whole body. True Qi evaporates, as if a fire is created and resembling flames in appearance. This True Yang, the unification of Spirit and Qi, is the ancestral encirclement, which also represent fusion. It penetrates the three barriers on its route of circulation and the nine orifices of the body. Water and fire ought to be in balance, even and equal in measurement. Neither can be excessive nor deficient. If the fire is too high, the egg will be overcooked. If it is too little, it will be uncooked and raw. But one must not be either too forceful or let one’s thoughts stray away to one’s stocks.

This is something that can only be understood through direct experience and cannot be transmitted through words:

“If the fire is excessive,
it will harm the elixir.
If it is not up to par,
the elixir will not be accomplished.
If Essence, Qi and Spirit are not full,
it cannot be successful. “

This is the Du- and Ren-Vessels microcosmic orbit’s, firing process.

Adjust and harmonize Spirit and Qi properly. Breath through the mouth and nose moves naturally. In reverse order return to the primordial ocean. It is beyond the scope of old and young. Return to the Sea of Qi in the lower Cinnabar Field. The genitals, the external Yang, naturally shrink and enter back into the belly, retrieving the appearance of a kid’s nether region.

“One’s True Fire, one’s True Intent naturally rushes upwards.
Now one can grasp the significance of the ‘lighting the fire ceremony’ by a high Daoist adept.
The turbid body revives continuously into a state of beauty, elation and infiniteness.
This happens when one really calms down and is not feeling one’s breathing anymore.
It is utterly and extremely comfortable,
too comfortable, deadly comfortable.
Only the duck knows upon drinking water whether it is warm or cold.
Words can just not do it justice.”

Inside the belly one will feel a sensation as if an agile and uncontrolled dragon stirs and revolves. The True Qi rises and falls. Transformations are unlimited every day. Infants and young maidens naturally have cordial relationships and join each other. This represents the True Yin and True Yang’s fusion inside the body. This is a stage of collecting Yin and fostering Yang, replenishing one’s deficits from loss. Refine the body’s internal Jade Fluid, one’s precious form of saliva, the source of one’s Yang life. In order to revert to the elixir, build a foundation and refine the self:

“Gather one’s True Essence, one’s True Qi and one’s True Spirit,
the three treasures for Daoist enlightenment.
The elixir light resembles the moonlight.
All day one is free and footloose;
Day and night one is constantly lucid.
When one is absent-minded, obscure and indistinct,
the True Qi emits light.
This is considered the primary phase for longevity and everlasting life.
When one’s Essence is abundant,
one has no thought of lewdness.
When one’s Qi is sufficient,
one knows no hunger.
When one’s spirit is complete,
one knows no fatigue.”

May I offer a piece of advice to the student of the Dao and the devoted scholar?

With a sincere heart consult and seek for an enlightened teacher. Not just a teacher who has name and fame.
One must speak humbly and under one’s breath, earnestly begging for the heart-mind’s imprint, i.e. the truth imprinted directly in one’s heart by the spirit of the Buddha, and the secret oral transmission. One must grasp the internal and external level of the true heavenly mechanism of the physical body and one’s true body, one’s Yin and Yang body. The internal heavenly workings are produced in the Furnace of Kun. The internal heaven is the Cinnabar Field, whereas the external heaven is the brain. Internal Qi moves in the Furnace of Kun, which denotes the abdomen, and the lower Cinnabar Field. It is the furnace to practice internal alchemy. The external heavenly mechanism springs forth from the Cauldron of Qian, which is in the brain, the spirit of recognition prone to running outside. Once you grasp the theories of these two mysteries, the methods of the Cauldron of Qian and the Furnace of Kun, move into action and cultivate swiftly. Refine the self and bide your time. This is the hardest barrier to pass and the most difficult obstacle. After having laid the foundation for a long time, the True Qi originates in the lower Cinnabar Field. Once replenished it transforms and rises to the upper Cinnabar Field. Select a ground and enter a chamber in seclusion. It must be a location where human footprints are rare, a spot with good Feng Shui, endowed with a good energetic field and good spirits. It surely cannot be an area where ancient wars were fought. Seek for a place with kind-hearted and benevolent energies and positive magnetic fields. It is not as easy as merely retreating to a cave if one’s skill and meritorious deeds are insufficient, one will be forced to give up prematurely. For instance there was a Daoism beggar, who was ready to die, shed his mortal bones in exchange for the immortal embryo, but was not granted to do so by higher forces. After retreating to his cave he was called back to society several times in order to fulfill his earthly duties.

One requires a location where chicken and dogs cannot be heard, otherwise one’s Qi will be extremely dispersed. Some people bury themselves in sound-proof places as it cannot be done in the city with all the honking of cars, airplanes and firecrackers. When a chicken craws, that marks the end of it, it is over as it throws one’s Qi into disorder. Refine this Great Elixir by subduing the tiger and taming the dragon. An understanding friend and Daoist companion must guard the outside of one’s retreat for shield and sustain. He must quietly call one once every seven days, whisper into one’s ear, or use a singing bowl’s discreet sound in order to ensure one’s return to the physical body. The cultivator may appear like dead, without breath and a cold body. The example of one of the Eight Immortals, Iron Crutch Li, stands as a warning. Demons let the mother of the Daoist acolyte die which resulted in him abandoning the seemingly dead body not before having burnt it. Therefore Iron Crutch Li had no body to return to and had no other option than to be satisfied with taking over the body of a recent perished beggar. Thus he was doomed to inherit the beggars crippled leg and had to limp from then onwards.
Shakyamuni when he was in danger was assisted by the Earth God who called upon people for help in the form of a young girl. The girl provided Shakyamuni with cow’s milk therefore saving him from starvation.
Qiu Zu was rescued in a similar fashion by the help of the Earth God who is very clear about these matters and has a direct connection-line with one.

It is not acceptable to have people leisurely and disorderly come and go. The greatest fear is that a scare could dissipate the Original Spirit. This is why during common meditation one must exercise one’s resistance to the ill-effects of disturbances, one’s resistance to interferences, one’s state of mind to forgive nuisances and annoyances. If one gets angry about the bark of a dog, one’s practice is rendered meaningless.

The ancient masters said:

“The point when life is grasped and one’s body is exchanged is exactly the moment
when life is most susceptible to harm and injury.
One single fright has the potential to let you die.
It is the easiest time to get hurt.
At first one has to swim with the tide,
share light and dust in the city, temper the self in society.
Later on one might ask:
Where could there be a secluded dwelling or a tranquil spot?
Refine the self in the desires of the red dust, the worldly desires.
Refine the self and wait for a teacher.
One must make one’s sentiments unmoved by any sight. “

One cannot be like the Daoist named ‘Sincere Everlast’, whose thoughts were easily aroused by the prospect of food such as cheese. Others desires are stirred by money and beautiful women. Pretend to be a fool in the city, an idiot and an imbecile. It is not an issue that is overcome in a day. It may take twenty or thirty years.
The objective is to be unaffected at the time when one changes and transmutes one’s body. Everyday problems will manifest, the relatives you lost will appear in front of your eyes, the grandfather you hoped to see again for so long. One’s beloved ones that have left this world will return in this moment. Any worries that one has not shaken off will torment one. One slightest concern will cause demons, ghost and monsters to come as they know one better than oneself does. They are much clearer about one self than one self is.  Be oblivious to any sight or scene. One must practice one’s determination and the ability to concentrate one’s thoughts. Refine and nourish the Qi in the mountain forest, not in a messy or un-peaceful environment. Therefore God met Moses on Mount Sinai.

How could God have summoned him in the bustling city?

Refine the void, to unify with the Dao, as one must be void of any worries. One must know how to transcend the ordinary and common body and enter sagehood. Not even eating is permitted during this stage as one must not abandon the egg even for an instant. How could one ascend to heaven in one second and descend to earth in another? Once one is past that level of having given birth to Cinnabar Qi, how could one take care of it in the city and in society?

“Get rid of attachments and selfishness living in the city.
For the refinement of the self China is the best environment.
The Central Kingdom is the most suitable Eight Trigram Furnace of Lord Lao from the Journey to the West for smelting the self.
Emulate the Monkey King Sun Wu Kong,
Obtain fiery eyes and golden pupils,
penetrating insight, discerning and sharp eyes.
All high teachers come from this Eight Trigram Furnace.
If one is unable to grasp oneself,
unable to expel demons,
unable to accumulate meritorious deeds,
one will be disallowed from entering the cave.
Through performing three thousand merits and
reap eight hundred rewards for good deeds one carries the power of thought.
This power is one’s protection.”

One should not pursue gratitude or thankfulness, as it must not become an attachment. How could this be an easy task? Who in the world of dust concerns himself with the issue of becoming a Buddha, an immortal, or transcending the ordinary body?

One must not be polluted by a speck of dust. The ten thousand thoughts must all be empty, not a silken thread of worry. Change naturally occurs without any cares. It is over if one stops half-way. One single worry and demons will appear. Consequently one’s Yang Spirit will depart. Therefore many teachers returned to the mundane world because they could not pass this barrier. Their clothes were still dirty and stained. One must make a clean break and sever it in two with one stroke of the knife.

“Everyone covets wine, women, wealth and power,
and equally wishes to become a Great Immortal.”

How could they take their riches and vices with them to heaven? In the bible Jesus also used the example of carrying a big bundle that is filled with one’s fame, profit, worries and wealth. The gate to the heavenly kingdom is very narrow though! One will eternally be a guest outside the mundane world, a guest of the Land of Peach Blossoms. One is capable to grab hold one’s own life and go past the third dimension.  Not raising thoughts of this universe, as no one thinks about returning at this stage and no one has any regrets. In the bitterness, endure others’ judgments of long and short, right and wrong. Laugh it off as if their words were a breeze that passes. Today it is cloudy and tomorrow it will be clear again.

Be oblivious to form and have no formless attachments either. Have no self and have no dependent existence. Just preserve one point of divine light. Uphold the void and refine the Spirit. The turbid body, organs and viscera, the bones and flesh, the blood vessels, they all transmute into azure Qi. The macromolecules are able to transmute at will and transcend to the fourth dimension. They penetrate gold and pass through stone, unobstructed and unimpeded going through thick ground and solid mountains. In the same way aliens can abduct humans as the material form and boundaries do not exist for them. At the time of undertaking this step, the seven orifices generate rays of light, day and night is everlasting brightness.
Jesus, the Patriarchs, the Bodhisattvas and the Five Immortals all had halos. It resembles having a light source inside one’s brain and having an illuminant inside one’s heart. The heart is calm and clear as the still waters. The body seems to be as if the Great Void. It contains the universe, only then is one’s Qi actually full and the spirit complete. One’s Essence has already transformed that is why it is not further mentioned here, as it has entirely transmuted into Qi. The internal wealth, not the external wealth, is vast and great.
Only then is one able to refine this Great Elixir of the Spirit and Qi. One is capable of seizing the external heavenly mechanism, i.e. the practice of refinement of Qi according to the rules and regulations of Heaven Earth and Nature. The internal mechanism is one’s own body, the rules of the cycling of Yin and Yang. Move into action, like grappling, you need skill for this. Use a set and fixed method and cultivate the True Essence. One must collect the external Essence and one is ready for the next step of gathering.
True Qi naturally transforms. As if an assembly gathers together, Yin and Yang, the five elemental-phases and the thoughts do no move at all. The Heart-Qi is tranquil, True Qi and Original Qi rise up. Do not miss the occasion and the heavenly time, Have a steadfast, strong and great mind. When the gold of the ocean’s bottom, the True Qi in the lower Cinnabar Field, is activated, it penetrates the Tail Alley, the lower pass, and links up with the Spinal Strait, the middle pass, ascends to the Mud Pill and transforms into the Golden Liquid. It descends down the multi-storied tower, the throat, and directly enters the Crystal Palace, the lower Cinnabar Field, where it combines with the body’s internal Spirit and Qi.

But this process is very fast. In one hour more or less it stirs and mixes, and is completed:

“Once it has combined successfully,
the True Qi and the True Intent rushes inside the four limbs.
The entire body’s bones and flesh seem as if scorched by fire and cut by knives.
It is an incredibly painful stage.
It follows after embryonic breathing and is the hardest challenge to endure.
Even an extremely brave man, once at this level
cannot even maintain it for one minute.
One should always grit one’s teeth and bear the pain.
One must hold steadfast to one’s decision,
endure what other people cannot endure;
Perform what other people cannot perform.
One should disregard one’s own safety, give up death and forget about life.
One must endure one moment of bitterness,
to enjoy millions upon millions of years of happiness in the true body. “

Prevent arising dangers by bathing the body and mind. Without will and without thoughts emulate the sun shining on earth. The tree does not seek the sun deliberately. Lead and mercury, Spirit and Qi join. Water and fire, the True Spirit and the True Qi intermingle. In a moment’s time, the entire body’s bones, joints, and orifices, every acupuncture point and every cell seem to be exploding open in unison as if popcorn.  The entire body is Qi and blood. The metropolises speak up as every acupuncture point is a city. It is exactly in the human body where this noise is disorderly accumulated.  Below the root of the tongue there are two openings, on the left is the Cinnabar Spring, and on the right is the Stone Well, the place of the Gold Liquid and the Jade Fluid which represent the Spirit fluid. This is exactly the Ridge Spring opening.

Along with the bones the vessels explode simultaneously open. The heart fire descends, the kidney water gushes upwards as a result. When the skill reaches this, the spirit fluid below the tongue is as if it was some kind of an external water fountain, Day and night the throat cannot finish receiving it, i.e. it could never be exhausted through swallowing. The taste is extremely unusual, ten times sweeter than syrup and honey, incomparable.
There are also even more profound mysteries. Just before the initial action of one’s practice the ground is about to generate the Golden Lotus scenery. This is a manifestation of the Qi transformation, It is visible to oneself. Heaven at first drops precious sweet dew from upper Cinnabar Field like bathing. This is the saliva that is produced during the practice of one’s skill. All of a sudden a little bit of True Intent, True Spirit, descends from the Mud Pill penetrating the heart cold as ice. Then it gathers together with an intermingling sensation inside one’s body. The five dragons meet and collide and merge into one sphere, i.e. the five organs change into an energetic field:

“Water and fire unify in the body,
Spirit and Qi become One,
transparent and permanently illuminating.
It is as if thousands upon thousands of war drums are being beaten.
It is as if ten thousands upon ten thousands of
great and magnificent thunders are roaring in the clear blue sky;
In a sky without clouds and without the sun. “

This is the time for the body’s Qi and blood transformation. The hundred vessels’ Qi and blood transmute. Be sure not to be afraid of this transformation of blood and liquid. If one is unable to let go of life and death, then one has wasted one’s skill. If one wanted to build a 20-storied building but it collapses after the 18th floor, how much material does one have? How much Essence, Qi and Spirit does one have? How many bodies does one have? Provided one bites one’s nails and chews iron, demonstrates willpower, one is able to pass this barrier. Shakyamuni passed it when the demons came for his life. The dead heart does not stir like the Buddha under the Bodhi tree who had the attitude of ‘If I have to day I have to die’.

“One must affix tranquility and stabilize one’s stillness to the utmost point.
Amidst the emptiness perhaps one sees the dragon and tiger,
the Spirit and Qi converge.
Heaven and earth interact peacefully.
The sun and the moon meet in the palace.
Perhaps one sees multitudes of immortals and all Buddhas
coming to celebrate the completion of the Elixir. “

Despite the crowds celebrations one must not use this tool. When the skill reaches this plane, all scenes and sights of sorrows, bitterness and joys without exception are perceived at that moment. If one is unable to withstand the temptations and emotions, then it is over. Be sure not to see it as true. Let it pass naturally and stabilize. If you are thrown into disorder, it can be explained by having failed to let go of the seven emotions. Do not afraid of life and death, then what happiness could possibly contaminate or taint you? Act like a simpleton and a fool. One must fear that outside evils could spoil the cultivation of one’s skill –and make one’s building collapse.

“Do not ask whether appearances are genuine or illusory.
One must look at things as if one has not perceived them yet.
Look upon them blandly. Like everyday’s rice and noodles.
What happiness?
The most important attributes one must possess are:
Stillness, Stabilization, Concentration, Emptiness and Void.
Listen as if not listened yet like listening to wind.”

It is the end of one’s road if one follows a Buddha or immortals at that stage. Invariably the dead heart does not stir, i.e. no movement of thoughts, only one thought is enough to ruin all efforts. One must safeguard and stabilize True Qi, one’s energetic field and the light that is emanated from one’s Qi. The Yin demons naturally disappear and scatter, lead and mercury, Spirit and Qi, naturally harmonize. After three days one can create the Great Medicine of the macrocosmic orbit. Those three days are the hardest to pass due to demonic forces. Everywhere in the world is the realm of demons. In the four directions spirits cry and ghosts howl. In the eight points on the compass murderous Qi and wolf smoke continuously stir up murky heavens over dark earth. Wolf dung was once burned at the border posts in ancient China to raise the alarm.

This is exactly the skill of the ‘Great Opening of the Joints and Orifices’:

“Everything will appear in front of one’s eyes:
One’s beloved ones, one’s relatives,
long-short, short-long,
black-white, white-black,
all for one purpose: seeking one’s life.
Nine out of ten people who reach this point are all scared to death.
One must be sure to bear in mind that
these three corpses haunt one and give one tests.
Be sure not pay attention to the Yin Spirits’ illusions and magic transformations
Ignore them and do not be affected by any emotion,
regardless whether sorrow or delight.
Do not be frightened. Do not be annoyed. Have no sentiment at all.
Only then is there the vessel of the Dao,
the ladder to heaven,
the boat to cross the river boat,
in order to truly become one with the Dao.”

Seal your post-heaven Heart-Qi, although it has already been transmuted into Spirit, pre-heaven Heart-Qi, namely the Yin spirit. Yin spirits are the most magnificent and mighty. They are capable of thousand changes and ten thousand transformations, revealing themselves in all states and shapes, harming one’s cultivation of skill.
If one gives in, all your skill was in vain. Even if you have firm will and a fixed heart-mind with perseverance, how could they be ready to be easily and lightly be tamed even with a firm heart? One first has to return one’s debts, return all borrowed money.

The ancient men from the past said:

“Once accomplish and one will be able to communicate with the Six Spirits.
One will be able cast off the shell of life and death and
attain a special skill called ‘Five-Eyes-Six-Mediums.
Being only one medium short does not suffice.
But you must not lose the Dao, or get confused as to which direction to walk,
otherwise forget about ever attaining the Dao.”

This is the ‘Golden Liquid Reverted Elixir’, a step before the ‘Jade Fluid Reverted Elixir’.

After being confused and adrift in absent-mindedness and chaos for two days and a half all types of Qi are interlinked, and there is no place without light. All orifices are bright and shining. Qi is full and Spirit complete to the utmost point. Suddenly dynamic it flows and spills everywhere. The sun rises in a reversed pattern and circulates its pearl. This is a metaphor for the elixir and the entire body being connected. Every acupuncture point resembles a nuclear power plant. One is able to shed the shell and come back, leave and enter. One million dragon spirits, all unorthodox and wicked paths, all of them are startled without exception and afraid because of one’s powers. This is the ‘Seven Reversal Nine Returns Golden Liquid Great Elixir Entering the Opening’. Its power is swallowed down from the top. One starts to understand one’s life as it rests with oneself not with the heavens. Life is one self’s to grab hold of.

The Immortal Classic says:

“This return from the great deaths of the past is today’s true life,
truly being alive.
When the human heart does not die,
the heart of the Dao cannot be born.”

It also states:

‘Through this war of one’s toils and efforts one has gotten to this stage of cultivation where one must concentrate on a state of peacefulness, a state of Great Peace. The medicine of true death, the medicine of non-aging and non-birth, the medicine of the undying enters through the opening’s center.  This is the elixir of the microcosmic orbit.  At this moment the cosmic orbit emits fire, one has an experience of melting. The physical body and it bones transmute into a pile of fleshy mud. The Yang spirit sheds its body pulling away without obstacle. Entry and exit to any destination is possible. Most people leave here, being free and unrestrained. Be absorbed and concentrate energy and effort. Do not ponder about other things. Hold the void and nurture the emptiness. Use the emptiness to nourish the Spirit and it will transmute into emptiness. Emptiness will transmute into Spirit. Thousand transformation change into ten thousand transformations. Three alter into nine, nine into twenty-seven and so on. The outer space, void body nourishes the physical body. From something to nothing and reversed, one can go anywhere.’

It is said that:

“If the cultivator of Truth dislikes dwelling in the world of dust,
there is the free and footloose heavenly abode
having three thousand heavenly realms
with celestials for reception.
All day they are drinking the wine of immortality,
wearing immortal flowers,
celebrating the higher gods
without cares and without worries,
unhindered and unrestrained,
comfortable and at ease.”

The entire body from top to bottom is thoroughly bright. Heaven and earth peacefully intermingle and the rays of the sun and the moon unify. Wind and clouds gather. The turtle-snake intertwines and the nine heavens can be summoned. The ten thousand spirits receive one’s orders. Purple is emitted in disks of light and auspicious Qi is protecting one. This is the five dragons’ Great Sleeping Method, which is also called the Five Qi’s Assembly or Hidden Gathering Method.

Protect the Middle, embracing the One and refine for three hundred days. There is three phases, each being one hundred days long. The first one hundred days are for nourishing the embryo. The first three months are one hundred days, when the mysterious pass opens by itself. This mysterious pass is the sun’s true fire. The internal fire illuminates the external, the external fire shines on the inside. This is sunlight, but not to be taken literally. It is the true light, the original’s life true fire, the fire of the true attack, the natural sublimation, the true fire inside one’s body. Refine it to open the summit gate to the mysterious pass, denoting the fontanel and the Hundred Meetings acupuncture point.

The phenomenon of an infant will appear. One will resemble a child as one’s true body has come out, the Yang body. A golden light envelops the body. It is inside the light, revealing heaven and earth, the sun and the moon, the turtles, snakes, dragons and tigers. They all are copper lead and mercury’s surplus Qi, i.e. surplus elixir Qi, surplus Spirit and surplus meridian Qi congealing into the protector Spirit Commander, guardian angels, protector spirits, the Spirit Official Ling Guan. Once having reached this place only if one has swallowed the great medicine can the authentic body transformation take place. One can also cause the true body, which has become the universe, to be transmuted into purple and crimson gold which illustrates a special transmutation. One is able to live in this world with eternal life and never aging. Refine again for six months and the body will turn into a silver ointment, very soft. Blood transforms into white viscous fluid as a sign of opening the macrocosmic orbit. The entire body’s fragrant Qi assails people since extraordinary smells can be noticed. From the mouth emitted Qi forms clouds. This is the refinement of the elixir into maturity.

“After ingesting the elixir pill
one will eternally live and never die.
One is also it capable of ruling over death and
resurrect people back to life.”

Refine this for ten months and the embryo is original. The Yang Spirit casts off its shell and one’s body can transform into millions upon millions of bodies. Nourish until twelve months, a full circle of the year, when the cycle is completed, revolve with the universe. One is able to transform into and exit 84000 Yang spirits. One is able to converse with any type of spirit and communicate with any sage. One is invisible and immeasurable, changing endlessly, stepping on the sun and the moon without a shadow and without a trace, One can enter metals and stone without obstruction as one has become the void, a quantum field. Water and fire cannot drown or burn one. Weapons cannot harm or injure one. Ghosts and spirits cannot spy on this profoundness and marvel as they are unable to take you under their control or even see you. The Jade Emperor and Shakyamuni cannot govern one’s life and death. This is the time when the great and brave man’s has reason for being proud and joyous as he has attained the powers of an immortal and angel. He duly earns the respect of the people without seeking it. The entire body’s Qi mechanism without exception is Great Medicine, such as spittle, saliva and finger nails:

“Chickens that eat it turn into phoenixes.
Dogs that swallow it turn into dragons.
Common people who ingest it
attain the eternal life of immortals.”

These principles are hard for ghosts and spirits to grasp. Shakyamuni said to a commoner: ‘You can do this’ and the commoner could instantly do it.

Immortals say:

Achieving internal alchemy is accomplishing external alchemy simultaneously. Succeeding in the cultivation of the internal concurrently means the success of the external. Why should one put oneself through the even greater trouble of the furnace fire? Why should one trouble oneself with the external?

It is precisely the storing of Essence and the accumulation of Qi. Nurture Qi until ample and Spirit until complete. Perceive the golden radiance and day and night are illuminated permanently. Replenish Essence, Qi and Spirit and one’s face cannot be seen in the rays like angels in the light or the Bodhisattvas in the radiance.
Achieving this internal elixir, is also achieving the elixir outside the body, beyond the body. It is also assuming form. This internal truth corresponds to the outside. This is an inevitable principle.
One waits silently prostrating to the Emperor, kneeling in front of the Emperor not saying ‘I am high’, in order to be conferred a heavenly rank, to be assigned a task, to be allocated a realm in which to govern affairs.
The ten thousand spirits prostrate in courtesy, clasp their hands in salutation, pay respect and celebrate one’s body.

“One can tear open heaven and transform the geography of the earth,
pluck the stars and exchange the moon.
One can expel thunder, rotate the Big Dipper and
twist the seven stars and alter constellations.
One can blow winds and invoke rains.”

One must raise one’s heart and move one’s thoughts and not a single heavenly or earthly spirit does not follow one’s orders. All are one’s obedient servants. Without high virtue how could one possibly achieve this skill? The triumph lies in three lives as an emperor. The wisdom surpasses seven generations of Number One Scholars. Seven lives are short of one’s knowledge. It is commonplace to be an ignorant person, without fortune, the bonds of destiny shallow, and karma being too great. They all regard first impressions as the strongest and their prejudices die hard. They consider themselves as already having attained authentic transmissions. In fact they are all attached and entered a side door, being unknowing of it. They lose their direction and stray onto the wrong road, yet not awakening. On the contrary they are being proud of themselves and opinionated, considering themselves always right, to the point of no relative talking to them anymore in their home. As soon as being exposed once to sound and taking one look at colour, they keep people at a distance of a thousand Chinese miles being arrogant and unapproachable. Highly achieved people and virtuous scholars, once they see those people, will immediately walk away and stay clear, let alone becoming immortals and sages.

I urge you to study. Those who have not yet come across the opportunity to meet an enlightened teacher, make yourself the smallest. The high teachers can witness your energetic field. They will look for you. Common people just think every person has two eyes and one nose:

“Build up merit and accumulate virtue.
Do not commit evil acts and offer multitudes of benevolence
as well as putting them into practice.
Naturally one will meet a sage or saint,
or a virtuous scholar with high understanding.
With firm determination and sincere seeking and begging,
surely one will be able to grasp how to cultivate the body,
understand the whole method of the cultivation secret,
and comprehend the two layers of true information,
and the three great heavenly mechanisms:
the internal heavenly mechanism,
the external heavenly mechanism
and the unification of both.
And consequently one is being able to be on par with the immortals and Buddhas.”