The Essentials of the Shortcut to the Great Achievement (part 5)

Explanations of the Verifications
of the Dao-Body

The explanations of the verifications of the Dao-Body must be understood in order to confirm a person’s attainment and one’s own.

Amidst tranquility and absent-mindedness one suddenly smells a strange and rare heavenly fragrance filling up the room. The tongue connects with the sweet spring, i.e. the saliva has a sweet taste to it. The heart-fire descends, whereas the warm water of the kidneys ascends. Water-Fire: After completion. At night one is able to see a needle next door. One has opened the heavenly eye. One must experience these manifestations to truly prove one’s attainment of the Dao-Body:

“One is ascending to commune with the Heavenly Palace,
connecting with the 4th and 5th dimensions,
One is descending to connect with the underworld,
being utterly lucid and thoroughly understanding.
On the summit red clouds are orbiting,
rays of morning and evening sunlight as if a halo.”

In one’s eyes there is the brightness of lightning and a distinct radiance perceivable by oneself and others.

Perhaps while Qi is rushing to the heart, the ears can hear whirlwinds, furious gales and forceful winds.

Perhaps one hears the sound of rain and dripping water during clear days, circulating endlessly and repeatedly.

In the blue sky one can see the bright moon, snow on fine and clear days.
Kidney-Qi and Heart-Qi are mixing, the light of the sun and moon are intermingling.
The viscera are internally illuminated, bright as if ignited by a lamp or a candle.
On has clear vision of all organs, blood vessels, meridians, the flow of Qi, all cells and acupuncture points:

“The body is transparent and joined from top to bottom
as if it was a crystal, pure and bright pagoda.
It seems to be engulfed by this Golden Light,
by this sphere of brightness for protection,
a guardian spirit and great energetic field.”

Cold spring water is flowing representing the condensation Cold Qi. It also signifies a Buddhist ceremony during which cold water is poured on someone’s head for instilling a clear mind. Suddenly one grasps the essence. Warm Qi also flows continuously all around the body.  These are not illusionary or unreal metamorphoses. They are not unreal at all.  If you are not at this place of the ice and crystal pagoda, it cannot be accurately explained with words. Without exception the true Skill springs forth from carrying out this experiment. One can reach this platform, if one invests a lifetime of hard work and enduring hardships. One by one all steps must be understood and figured out.

What could one be afraid of, if it is not death anymore?

The sweet spring, the saliva, the Golden Liquid, must descend to the lower Cinnabar Field. It must not be lost through spitting, because it is exactly the root of the Golden Elixir and of utmost importance. One must move and transform this root. The Golden Liquid is likened to the source of water, the source for a long and everlasting life.

Which person is able to live without water?

Maybe the true Qi in the Kidneys is released and rises to penetrate the Mud Pill, and descends all the way down to the Bubbling Spring, circulating up and down:

“The ears are able to hear thousands upon thousands of drums,
ten thousands upon ten thousands of thunderclaps simultaneously.
Fierce winds tearing off the ground, rocks and the surface of the earth,
thunders are rolling and lightning is flashing across the sky on clear days,
When the cosmic orbit fire is emitted,
the body becomes luminescent.
The whole body is engulfed in red Qi flowing up and down,
penetrating the tendons, piercing the bones,
the four limbs and the eight vessels,
circulating everywhere without obstruction.”

Perhaps one gets intoxicated for five days three times in a state of absent-mindedness. Suddenly one will be able to hear heavenly voices. One will perceive the heart-mind flower’s great opening, i.e. wisdom. One will be very delighted, hands and feet dancing in joy. The geography and topography of mountains and rivers, highlands and flatland’s of planet earth one will fully comprehend like the back of one’s hand.
The past and the future, heaven above and the earth below, without exception one is completely aware of all affairs. One is omniscient and all-knowing of any dimension, the twelve zodiac signs, Pleiades, Andromeda, Orion, any constellation, any planet and any universe.
The light is reaching everywhere, flushing the Cinnabar Chamber, i.e. the upper Cinnabar Field and suddenly one’s practice is established.

“One’s true body, the Yang body, leaps out of the physical flesh.
Consequently one dislikes society,
fame, reputation, honor and glory,
and one considers the human body to be only dirt, stench and filth.”

This therefore is a sign and omen of the Yang Spirit departing its shell, a sign of the true body. One must urgently retrieve it and must not meander away with it. This is where many cultivators go wrong.
This is where many follow the incorrect plan because they had to endure so many untold hardships in the past and made so many sacrifices. This stage feels like the reward for their ordeals, but it is not the highest plane.
Accord and rely on the above-mentioned secrets. Evolve and continue for three years nurturing the child. This is an example just as it takes ten months of pregnancy for a child to be born, three years of suckling the infant and one hundred days to lay the foundation. There is no way of doing it in this time frame unless one has mastered the 49 barriers prior to this.

Naturally one will be capable of a myriad of physical transformations. Just like the Bodhisattva Guan Yin who has one thousand hands, an eye on every hand. These eyes symbolize truth, wisdom, awakening and the supernatural powers of the Buddhist and Daoist doctrines. There is nothing that cannot be done or seen. There is nothing that is overlooked or not observed:

“Later one hundred days without food are passed without hunger”
One day with a hundred meals are passed without fullness.
One is able to eat a feast of food, the food quantities of one year.
Such greatness is embodied by the supernatural powers of the law,
the powers of the Buddhist doctrines,
and the powers of the Daoist teachings of the Way.”

After ten months of warming and nurturing, when the Golden Liquid reverts according to the cycling of the elixir, i.e. the Golden Liquid needs to foster the child. One will perceive a sensation of some kind of matter concretely existing at the Spinal Alley, or Caudal Funnel, directly rushing to the Spinal Strait, or Spinal Handle, referred to as the double barrier. The true Qi accumulates and circulates all the way to the Jade Pillow, the upper pass.
There is a clear sound, reverse ascending to the Mud Pill entering the brain via the Elixir Path of the Governing Vessel, the Du-Mai. It has to be stated clearly that this meridian differs from the Chinese Medicine and acupuncture channel path. This feeling of an object touches upon the shape of the brain and enters the brain just like it was sensed at the coccyx. From the upper palate the objects descends by itself to the center of the mouth. It is shaped like a sparrow egg. It tastes like a sweet and beautiful fragrance in the mouth. Steadily, slowly and continuously swallow it and let it return to the Cinnabar Field. After this the five Zang-organs are clear and void. This phenomenon can be witness by others as well. Nothing is left, everything is clean.  Shut the eyes and illuminate internally i.e. the organs and viscera are distinctly illuminated. Gradually there is a golden radiance and the entire body is in light as well as emitting light. Its light magnificently penetrates the outside of the body, externally illuminating. This elixir radiance resembles a fire wheel and red morning clouds similar to the one of the protector God Ling Guan, the Spirit Official, spiraling and curling up and down like an Unidentified Flying Object:

“When one is enveloped in sitting meditation,
one must gradually lead the Yang Spirit to come back
in order to commence the great stability; the great calmness.
Retrieve it back into the Cinnabar Field,
unify it with the body,
as well as complete the experiment of transcending the ordinary
and entering sagehood.
Shed the common body and enter pure Yang,
being the foundation of higher cultivations. “

These are not metaphors or analogies. These are not just fantastical examples, but genuine verifications, true images and concretely existing sights. They are true manifestations and prospects. The immortal masters personally verified these strange and bizarre sceneries, truly extraordinary imagery. Cultivators who achieved this stage do not dare to tell others, outsiders, people who are outside the gate of Daoism, outside the sects of Daoism. These are not things that normal people could comprehend, because all the images and sounds that extraordinary people can perceive and hear are too precious and too rare.
Some people even at death have no clue of it.

What could someone with ten cars possibly do with this knowledge?

“Having a destiny of immortality and Daoist bones,
one will end up meeting someone who is knowledgeable of the books;
Qne will come across this alchemical classic.
Remember it is invaluable;
Treat it like a treasure;
Explore its content through own experiences.”

Hide the book and its teachings. Keep in mind: When you get hold of this alchemical book, you have obtained a treasure of immeasurable worth. On the street people would take lives for it, kill for it.
Only people who fully grasp how to study its applications, how to implement it, how to put it into practice have a true destiny with it.

This is called a destiny with immortality.