Opening and Closing Food Prayer

Opening Food Prayer

“Humans are the highest form of life on Earth, but we still have to eat.
If you do not want to take a plant’s life how would you survive?
The lower life forms exist to help us to preserve our species,
but you should not kill without purpose or deliberately slaughter animals.
You should respect the Ten Thousand Things.”

wu xing zhi qi
The Qi of the Five Stars

liu jia zhi jing
The essence of the Six Jia

san zhen tian cang
The three true heavenly storehouses

qing yun chang ying
Pure clouds constantly overflowing

huang fu chi zi
Yellow Father, Red Child

shou zhong wu qiong
Guard the centre, never collapse

Congealing (closing) Food Prayer

“If your stomach is not very good at digesting food
and you cannot really eat very much,
you will not even have four ounces of power.
First of all you will have to change your internal balance.
Once your internal functions are harmonized
and you can ingest food regularly,
you can start regaining your external strength.
As soon as you have built up really huge muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
you stop weight lifting,
begin to transform your muscles,
and put that power into your tendons, your fascia and your organs.
Therefore it returns.
In the end you will have stored up incredible internal strength,
but no one will notice
because the body from the outside will seem sort of skinny.
You will appear to be just like a normal person.
This is the progression of the holistic way of internal and external strength.”

bai gu ru wei
The hundred grains enter the stomach

yu shen he qi
And the spirit harmonizes with Qi

tian bu xie ye
To fill and supplement blood and fluids

shi xie wang zhui
Corpses and Evils die and drop

chang sheng tian di
Long live Heaven and Earth

fei deng yu que
Swiftly ascending the Jade Watchtower

xiu zhen wu dao
Cultivate realization and awaken to the Dao

ling tong feng wei
The spirit child grants protection