The Heavenly Dipper Swordsmanship and the Heavenly Dipper Eight Trigrams

These are both types of Gong Fu forms [Tao Lu], which are transmitted secretly by high priests of Daoism. Their content cannot be fully grasped or understood by common society. They include all sorts of secret methods for Daoist cultivation and ritual ceremonies and for the learning student there are strict requirements.

Nowadays transmissions are separated into two routes. One route is the transmission within society, which places priority on a healthy body and longevity [“Nourishing Life”]. The other route is the transmission secretly passed down within Daoist sects, which attach most importance to cultivation and the unification of Heaven and Humans, as well as the use of energetic fields. The study inside or outside Daoist sects differs greatly. Outside Daoist sects form and structure [physical exercises] are the main aspect, whereas inside Daoist sects the practice of unifying form and structure with the ‘Body of Law’  [the Body of Dharma] is given first place to.

Therefore the Heavenly Dipper Swordsmanship and the Heavenly Dipper Eight Trigrams are both methods of unusual and extraordinary Skill and embodiment of the profound. They are the hardest to practice and the most unique Gong Fu amongst everything that is known and the content in them is vast.

Only a short introduction can be provided here.

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