Hundred Days of
Laying the Foundation

This is ‘the Gong of the Hundred Days of Laying the Foundation’.
It is also called ‘the Small Achievement of Laying the Foundation’.

The time frame is an approximation, to build this basis is very time consuming.
This article functions as a broad outline and summary:

“One must refine Essence and transmute it into Qi.
This stage incorporates the compounding of the medicine’s three ingredients:
Essence, Qi and Spirit.
At first one must replenish one’s Essence.
Once it is full, one must transform it into Qi and finally into Spirit.
The refinement of the self is the insubstantial aspect.
The refinement of Essence, Qi and Spirit is the substantial aspect.”

One must retrieve the heart-mind, which stands for the seven emotions and every single kind of joy. One must abandon and let go of them in order to return to the Void.
Then retrieve your Original Spirit, solidify and protect the Essence and nourish the Qi through the secret transmissions. Jing and Qi are replenished inside the body.
Refrain from losing it:

“When the body, the heart-mind and the intent stir,
Essence and Qi disperse.
When all of the seven emotions do not get aroused,
the five Qi prostrate to the origin.”

When the bone marrow is strong and robust, one will be able to enter stabilization and deep meditation in the chamber, begin one’s practice and put time and energy into one’s Gong, striving to revert to the Dao.
Nourish Qi, solidify Essence, and stop your thoughts. Only by conforming to this one is able fill up one’s Essence and Qi and eliminate disease. Thus one can follow the elixir path and enter the cave, because without desires one receives no outside effects anymore. Any type of outside influence and one cannot pass the test and one has to start anew.

“Observe the thoughts
and the emergence of new thoughts.
Once one understands the origin and source of thoughts,
one must immediately stop them and
retrieve the heart-mind.
Preserve and hold steadfast to the ‘Gong of Sincerity’.
This is a requirement for one’s character.
As one progresses, spirit lights are watching from above,
therefore being reverent is a strict prerequisite.”

One’s energetic field and the higher realms are connected and commune freely. Even without any thoughts they already know about us.
In the bible it says:

“They even understand us better than we do understand ourselves.”

This cultivation is not for experimentation or for the ones that are fond of playing or looking for shallow experiences like tourists coming for short visits. One must truly be sincere and upright.
From dawn till dusk, cleanse, filter and wash the heart-mind, eradicate thoughts one by one, and withdraw to the secret storehouse. Bring the intent back to the lower Cinnabar Field as it originally ventures to the outside. Retrieve it to the secret furnace, to the room used for secret purposes.
Would you be able to do it for 24 hours?

Return on the wind to the Primordial Chaos.
The same sentence appears in the ‘Mysterious Scripture of the Supreme Jade Emperor’s Heart-Mind Seal’:

“Return on the wind to the Primordial Chaos.
One hundred days of practice;
One is silently facing God.
Through this discipline one is able to ascend skywards.”

The wind denotes one’s focus on the breath, an even breath, whereas the Primordial Chaos or the orbitive fusion indicates the unification of one’s Spirit and Qi.

The heart’s eye, the heart-mind, observes internally. Close the eyes and illuminate the interior. One must collect one’s thoughts reaching utmost tranquillity and utmost peace. One will not be able to perceive the slightest perception of tiredness. If one gets involved with any kind of thought pattern, one will be unable to achieve this stillness. Keep the thoughts and the heart-mind inside, which is often referred to as the ‘Square Inch’:

“Care for and nourish Original Qi
in the centre of nothingness and non-nothingness,
in between non-existence and no non-existence.
One must not fall into emptiness and
one must not pursue any thoughts alike.
Be in point zero.
On the outside there is nothing one is moved by.
Disturbances and worries are without effect.
On the inside there is nothing one is contemplating about.”
Empty and hollow,
void and divine,
accomplishing the genuine luminescence,
the true light. “

The heart-mind must not follow along any relations and affinities with people, strangers and outsiders. One’s thoughts must not be released and gallop away.
In former times when encountering a master who transmitted oral instructions, he would only teach about the concentration of the Spirit and the thoughts and the entrance to the Qi Opening-Point.
The Qi-Point is namely the ‘Gate of Life’. It is precisely below the seventh vertebral bone, behind the navel and in front of the Kidneys. It is in the centre of the two Kidneys, whereas the left of the space belongs to water, the right of the space belongs to fire.
In its centre hangs suspended an opening, connecting above with the Mud Pill, linking up down below with the Bubbling Spring, acting as the ancestral hall of the pre-heaven’s Great Dao, the root and origin of the elixir path. Day by day the root of vitality generating Original Qi and the place for generating lead, the true Essence, is located here. Furthermore the Dao of the thousand changes and the ten thousand transformations, the workings of the Spirit’s unfathomable marvels all come forth from here.

An old saying goes:

“This place is the outstanding and extraordinary orifice.
Qian and Kun accomplish unification.
It is called ‘the Point of the Spirit and Qi’.
Inside of it is the quintessence of Kan and Li, Heaven and Earth.
The Daoist Family calls it ‘the Qi-Point’.”

The physicians and healers call it ‘the Gate of Life’:

“When the Gate of Life is flourishing,
the twelve meridians are flourishing.
When the Gate of Life is feeble,
the twelve meridians are feeble.
When the Gate of Life is born,
the person is born.
When the Gate of Life is severed and therefore without Qi,
the person perishes.”

This content originates from the Perfected One Yin Xi’s research, advanced studies and cultivation. He physically verified it step by step.