Sitting Meditation and Stillness Cultivation

Everybody knows that our physical body feels tired every day from our common life-style and work and is in need of rest and recovery of its strength. And our brain must recover to normality as we will also feel fatigued mentally. We furthermore need to stop the thinking process in order to regulate, recover and retrieve normality. There are many methods for recovery and rehabilitation.  Also sitting meditation and stillness cultivation help regain our physical strength and open our wisdom. In fact it is the best and fastest method. Not only for the refinement of the elixir and for the cultivation of the Dao can sitting meditation and stillness cultivation be practiced, but any person can do it. All that is required is to be interested. Every day assign thirty minutes and let your own brain stop operating and relax. It is not the case that the longer you sit, the better. You only need to relax your brain. Most important is that each layer gets recuperated. Every day upon waking up and opening our eyes, we are always looking outwards, seeking outwards and contemplating outwards.

We are very rarely contemplating our breath, our heart beat, and the peristaltic movement of our intestines and stomach. If we attempt to look inwards and seek inwards, we are capable of opening a new gate, which will make our thoughts and train of thoughts to be even more clear, distinct and sharp, and which will make our physical flesh and organs to be even more sturdy, firm and powerful. When we embark on sitting meditation and the stillness cultivation many fluids [Jin Ye] are produced inside of our mouth. Compared to normally, at this moment our fluids [Jin Ye] contain multiple times the amount of all kinds of enzymes. This phenomenon can elevate our body’s immunity and greatly assist our well-being.

Therefore after the tiring process of every day work has come to and end and before going to sleep, grasp thirty minutes to accommodate for sitting meditation and stillness cultivation. You only must persevere for a certain time period and you will discover the influence that sitting meditation and stillness cultivation exerts on your body. There are many methods of sitting meditation and stillness cultivation, but it only requires being able to find the method that allows your brain to stop, and that allows your thoughts to return to zero; this is exactly the best method for you. However when some people do sitting meditation and stillness cultivation, their thoughts do not know where they have run off to. It does not matter. At the beginning of learning sitting meditation and stillness cultivation everyone will have these kinds of issues and problems. Therefore many Founding Fathers said:

“Do not be afraid that thoughts might arise,

be afraid of noticing it too late.”

The previous sentence illustrates that you should not be afraid that thoughts might emerge, but only be afraid that you do not perceive that your thoughts have already run off. Do not worry.

When you feel that your own thoughts have run off, just take them and retrieve them back by putting them inside your body, inside your belly button and safeguard them there. Watching them and sensing is sufficient. Sitting meditation and stillness cultivation has three levels in total. The first type is for eliminating illness and for a healthy body, strengthening the physique and improving one’s physical constitution. The second type is for experimentation and seeking the unusual and strange, as well as gaining powers. The third kind is for the refinement of the elixir and for cultivating the Dao, gaining an eternally-living and immortal body with higher dimensional and vibrational frequencies. Therefore the goals are not the same, and subsequently the requirements are not the same. Only a simplified introduction can be given here.