The return of the light

MemoTime here is almost over, all my brothers are leaving; they are carrying the light within themselves to shine wherever they go and light people’s life. Their time here for cultivation is completed successfully for this time, now time to cultivate in society has began. My time is coming soon, there are still many questions, many problems to solve, many worries, the future is completely unknown. But the light its strong in me am not afraid any more, even in the darkest night it will shine strong for me and the people around.

Six month had passed up here in the mountain, I attended the Tai Ji course, the Inner Alchemy course, the Daoist Medicine course and the Yi Jing Feng Shui course. How many wonderful people I had meet, we all shared our light and thrive together, no one was the same at the end. This was an unexpected journey to me, something was calling me and pointing the direction; “Wudang Mountains” was all I knew. After all the research I did before coming here, so many schools, so many “masters”, and after reading so many different experiences from the people who had been around the area, I felt the calling from Bai Ma Shan.

Before coming here I had to make so many excuses to my family and to my friends, only a few understood, they knew I needed a turn on the wheel of my life, the past years were very “problematic” just to say something, the light I always had was vanishing, my dark side was pulling me strong.

I didn’t imagine how powerful this experience was going to be, this place was a mystery for me. Even when I arrived my dark side was trying to trick me, as before it was making me weak, creating doubts in my mind, barriers, darkening the light. But the light from this place was much stronger; the fight began inside me.

The Five Immortals Temple its a mysterious place, and here a great man lives. Many people from around the world and from around the area come here looking for this man; looking for the martial artist, the alchemist, the Daoist doctor, the musician, the Feng Shui expert, the High Daoist priest, the wise man. Some come to learn from him, to ask for advice, to ask for healing, for divination; we call him Li Shifu, he is the most brilliant man I have ever known, and still he is just a normal person; he loves to makes jokes, he laughs, sings, plays beautiful music and loves chocolate. As he says it himself : « I am a normal person, I still sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom ». Li Shifu the protector of the temple and the mountain, is the father of Bai Ma Shan Family.

When you are here you get more than you could had expected, more than you can imagine, more than you can accept with your mind, with our short vision. It took me so much time to completely understand, I had to balance my self first, to begin changing my thoughts; it was hard to give my self to the light, to his light; the battle was difficult. You can not understand with the mind, it doesn’t make sense; only with our heart, only in terms of love and compassion.

Now I feel it, I see Li Shifu as a real master and much more to me. He represent a mystery for me, he is pure magic and I know my destiny with him had just began even at long distance. He knows me more than anybody, he looks deep in me, I am naked in spirit, just a being of light; he knows what I need, how I feel even at the distance, he knows my fears, my sins. He knows about my great destiny that its a mystery to me. You can not fool him, can not hide behind any mask, you have to be sincere with your self in front of him, other wise you will make a fool of your self. Now even if I don’t speak Chinese we can communicate, can understand each other. I wish I could speak Chinese next time I come, I will. There are so many questions, so many adventures to shared with him. I had not found a way to thank him, this is just to much to express, no words at all, I just know he knows. At last before I left, he told me that his requirements for me were « to help more people by unifying the ancient practices of the Mayan and Native American cultures with the principles of Daoism. To put a lot of efforts, so as to be able to walk this long road and bear this great responsibility. »

I won’t write about the courses, but I can tell you I had learned so much; its a great foundation for new things to come. The content of the courses was so interesting, so useful in our daily life. Li Shifu has so much to teach, I wonder who will be the one to receive all of it.
I am not writing so much details about my experience here, I could not express my self here in common terms, it wont make sense; It was “The return of the light”. All I can say is that you have to experience your self.

This place is powerful, it contains the energy from many masters who had cultivated here for more than a thousand years; many immortals have cultivated here as well. The mountain vibrates in a higher frequency, pure constant and unlimited light beaming from all directions transforming your body, your spirit, cleaning it from any dust. But you have to put a great effort to thrive and to remain in this state, you have to do is open your heart, change your thoughts, empty yourself, let go of you ego and go back to point zero. Its not easy but we can do it.

It is not easy to live here in the mountain, you confront your self at every moment, your thoughts always trying to betray you. There is no bitterness in the mountain, that is just an illusion, it just in our mind, we set our own limits and Shifu push you further. It is up to you to thrive or just stay as you are.

If you are reading this it could be that you are looking for something else in your life, maybe you feel something is missing. If you come here and you can feel the light you are awesome: but it doesn’t matter if you come or not, there is a special place for each one of us and a time to experience a higher way.

Love and light to you where ever you are, and remember:

“ The DAO will always be with you”

Cheng Mao
from Mexico

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