The purpose of this scholarship is to open a door for students with destiny, high motivation and a solid background in the field of study taught at the temple, who could not afford to contribute the full amount of the required donation by reason of obvious financial limitations, so that they might still have the opportunity to come live and study at the temple.

ONE SCHOLARSHIP PER COURSE will be granted to one new student. The student will still have to contribute half of the required donation for the course he/she is applying for to cover his livelihood expenses (food and lodging). Extra work for the temple may be required from the student, in whatever field he/she might be able to contribute it. The appropriate attitude, true sincerity from the heart, respect of the discipline and complete dedication to training and study will be expected from the student, as well as a basic level of spoken Chinese. Any infringement to temple rules will signify the end of the scholarship.

Priority will be given to applicants who would not have the opportunity to come study at the temple for obvious financial reasons (especially applicants coming from under-developed countries with low average income), and who have a serious purpose for coming to study at the temple.

If you wish to apply, please fill up the Scholarship Application Form (download here) and submit it to (please write SCHOLARSHIP AND THE COURSE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR as a subject of your email) before the specific deadline for submitting Scholarship Application for that particular course. Please provide us with as many details as possible to allow us to  properly consider your situation. Scholarship applications submitted after the end of the deadline will not be considered. Only one scholarship per course will be granted. We will get back to you on which decision was made about your application within 20 days after the deadline.

2018 DEADLINES for submitting Scholarship Application :
– for Water Tai Chi and Daoist Medicine Foundational Methods course : 2017 DECEMBER 19
– for Eight Trigrams Dragon Heart Palm course : 2018 JANUARY 21

– for Foundations of Internal Alchemy (Dan Dao – Elixir Way) for Longevity course : FEBRUARY 21
– for Daoist Medicine course: 2018 APRIL 08

– for Water Tai Chi and Daoist Medicine Foundational Methods course : 2018 JUNE 06
– for : Fire Tai Chi Fist course : 2018 JULY 06