I am at the Five Immortals temple…I came to learn and enrich my life with the millennial chinese
knowledge. I arrived sick and without strength, expecting to be healed by chinese medicine, TaiJi and
QiGong. I ended here, surrounded by young people, very nice and thirsty to know. But art first, I’ve been welcome with a lot of kindness, love and compassion by the abbot of the temple, LiShiFu. He healed me with herbs and exercises, giving me confidence in myself and my inner strengths. He insisted that I should get up at 5 in the morning, tirelessly and despite my pain, to move my body, my blood and my muscles… And it made move also my ideas and my thoughts, open my whole being, to receive the invigorating energy of the mountain, the sun, the universe. Then I had classes of TaiJi, Longevity and Daoist Medicine. For the first time in my life, I realize that everything in life is in close relationship, that all things are connected, and we are part of a Whole, we are One with this Whole, we cannot be separated from the others, from nature, from life. Step by step, with great wisdom and knowledge, LiShiFu show us an unknown universe of the possibilities to see life, the elements of nature, the harmonious relationship between every element, every thought, every emotion… It’s hard to learn, but it’s nice when you know where you are and how to move in this maze of connections, in this knowledge that had been passed on from the Chinese sages of the antiquity, and that LiShiFu, one of the most respected daoist master in Wudang Mountain, transmit us with love. In the morning we practice QiGong and TaiJi, and in the afternoon we have theory classes. We learn and we live in a mutual kindness, help, friendship, joy… confidence and smiles. It must be said also that for us to feel good, the food cooked by our dear HuYu helps, she’s always trying to prepare delicious chinese dishes, and she’s always ready to listen to us.
The Five Immortals temple is situated high in the mountain, and we live between beautiful sceneries,
unforgettable sunrises, and pure and stimulating air.
I will go back home full of energy, in good health, with a stronger body, and the knowledge for healing
myself, and also help other people.
I’m very grateful with all my heart, to have the opportunity to be one of LiShiFu’ disciples. I’m going to
leave with the regret that the time spent here is already over…and I hope I can come back to learn more
and share more happiness…
Tzvetanka (诚思)