Here are some reflections from current students of the Five Immortals Temple and recent photos taken during the Autumn courses this September and October.
Coming here has been a miraculous journey for both myself and my daughter. We came from far off Brazil to take part in this program at the Temple.
My daughter had already spent over 5 months here in 2010 and was keen to return to receive further teachings from Li Shifu. As for me, I recognized a need for change and transformation regarding many aspects of behavior, thought patterns and also health issues that had been put away in some dark corner of my self where they were gathering dust.
I was fully aware that coming to the Temple would be challenging in all ways. The climb from the “upper” village to the top was something I didn’t relish but ‘armed’ with the information that the local Chinese women often go up to the Temple in their stiletto heels, plus the help and patience of the other (much younger ;0)) students, I managed to reach the Temple just like everyone else!
Coming here, being here, is a unique opportunity and it’s worth trying to use every moment to the maximum. To put aside judgments, preferences and desires, choosing instead to be fully present and open to receive and absorb whatever one can. To make the most of the time given to us here for our benefit even if we are unable to truly understand the fullness of what we are receiving.
The usual comforts of home may seem far away at times but this “home” although perhaps simpler shares its comfort in a different way. Through the warmth of its Master and the compassionate support for growth and cultivation.
Here one receives the “tools” to help each one on their way to self healing and self development, step by step, with lots of patience and often plenty of laughter too.
My daily task is to offer incense in the temples and when I do so, it is with full gratitude to the Masters for this blessing and all the blessings we are fortunate to receive every day here at the Five Immortals Temple.
Whether I manage to make the changes I seek or transform anything, at the end of the day, depends on my efforts. Whatever happens, every day here, I am conscious of the loving guidance we are all given. The encouragement to walk our paths with growing strength and energy in the natural way of the Tao.
This experience in these beautiful surroundings, is something my daughter and I will treasure for years to come.