Now the daoist medicine course is nearly finished and i reflect all the different processes I went through. Until I finally arrived at mount bai ma shan at this wonderful little Daoist temple, which consists of so many spiritual powers and deep knowledge of the essence of ancient chinese culture and philosophy.
About ten years ago I was searching for more answers referring to the meaning of life. I’ve always been interested in martial arts and the idea of the virtuous warrior who fights for a higher issue to bring peace and harmony in this unjustly world in order to protect the weak. So I decided to practice chinese martial arts and study their fundamental philosophies. The first books I read were about TaiJiQuan and Laozi’s DaoDeJing. At this time my dream was to get into this ancient time, meeting these great masters and study the essence of their teachings. But this dream should wait to be fulfilled and a lot of work should be done before to prepare myself entering this gate on this long path.
So I kept on practicing different styles like Wing Chun, Shaolin Quan Fa and Yang Tai Ji Quan and wanted to increase my martial arts skills in order to get a deeper understanding and accumulate this virtuous power. If I had known that this path has so many traps and obstacles I probably wouldn’t have started this journey, but after a while I recognized that I’ve made the first step and going back would only be a waste of this little life time.
So I went on and on and suddenly I arrived at a split in the road where an unexpected meeting with Jing Gong (Stillness practice) happened. And after a while of practicing more and more of these internal arts I realized that the true essence of this old masters teachings were not only hidden in this external movements but rather more inside myself. And I had to make a decision which way I want to take. And after a few years of switching between internal and external martial arts I realized that my destiny has changed and that the martial arts practice was only a tool to arrive at this state of understanding, that every kind of art is a way to get this connection to the essence of chinese philosophy, the teachings of the dao. So my interest in chinese cultivation methods like daoyin, music, and the traditional healing arts increased and I wanted to learn more about this fascinating culture and fortunately I found Wu Xian Mao and Li Shifu in Wudang.
During this 2 month of the Daoist medicine course I got so many different new impressions and understandings, I didn’t get in several years before when I practiced Kung Fu. The main principle in Daoism is Ziran (Nature), and living in this temple with all these friendly, open minded people, who want to live in the same direction. This has taught me a lot about this principle of human life and the universe. Internal resistors and bad thoughts are all created in our own mind and we have the opportunity to disperse them in every breath we take. All this cultivation arts of the different religious and philosophic schools want us to live in harmony with each other and nature. Li Shifu told us that we all need a direction to get in this state, were we can see clearly the coherences of all this teachings on our planet and that every 10,000 things, who Laozi says, build a network. Traditional Daoist healing arts uses this knowledge in order to cure disharmonies in the human body which is a part of this universe. We need to cultivate our self and observe all internal and external factors, which influence this universal law of cause and effect, to get a deep understanding of life. And then practicing Daoist medicine becomes a way to enlightenment.
Now I know that I’ve just made the first step and I’m again at the beginning of this long journey, but I’m so happy that I’ve found this great place and met all this people of different countries all over the world, my DaoJia, my Daoist family.