My name is Oldřich Lapka, I come from the Czech Republic and I have spent five and half years in China before I came to Bai Ma Shan – Five Immortals Temple. This place is very unique for many reasons. I found knowledge, skill and a very loving, compassionate, highly experienced and educated Master and Priest Li Shifu. His old, long-term students who follow his teachings help to train and organize the new arrivals. Here you can learn, train and study subjects like kungfu, taiji, qigong, chinese medicine and much more …
Many kinds of knowledge and skill are taught at Five Immortals Temple. There are certain duties in every day life which students are required to take care of. Also certain Daoist rules for living in a temple must be complied with. Students help to serve visitors of the temple by giving them basic information and so on.
For me personally it is a great opportunity and honor to live the real daoist way in a real daoist temple. Although sometimes this life is not easy, simple living conditions teach you about the natural way of life and about the difference between what we think we need and what we actually really need. After this experience you are ready to change your life and understand a lot about yourself, your way and your purpose in life.
After many years of cultivation, looking for a purpose of life and longing for „The Truth“ I found Bai Ma Shan – Five Immortals Temple which carries wisdom and the legacy of a genuine lineage of Daoist Masters. I already learned a lot here and I believe this is a real support for my future exploring The Great Dao – The Truth.

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