In the afternoon it was time to perform and correct the forms.  Four years have passed since I’ve learned here the 18 steps. After this time it’s with some fright that we show it to the master that teaches us. There is always some shame in disappointing someone that gave us something so precious. It’s not uncommon, to forget by lack of practice or to perform a movement along the years in a way, for after that time passed, be corrected. Sometimes cause we learned wrong, other times cause it served as a bridge before being refined.

I felt surprised and relieved, when after the master says “hen hao!” literally meaning very good. He says I had maintained the essence while doing the necessary adaptations to make it personal. Made me three corrections that I received as precious improvements. In the last years I’ve playing the role of teaching and clarify others. Maybe for that, I feel like a blessing, when I meet someone with such experience and deep understanding that teaches me and clarifies my way. In four years at Portugal, I only had the opportunity to teach less that a tenth of all that I’ve learned last time I came. Here I feel that I’ve learned less that a tenth of what they can teach me.The surface is what is being taught and can be learned. The understanding is an incognito that defines the deepness. Time, attention, experience and the tasting dissolves the incognito in a continuum resolution. Here we grasp the surface with the intention of diving into the deepness.

By night we dinner by the moon and tell stories. Philosophy about life and Taoism.  Make toasts to one another and to  the joyful reencounter again as a family. Watch the stars, UFO and a flying squirrel. Speak of angels and demons, the challenges of life and laughing gladly eating mooncakes. Here it’s not a comfortable place  and yet we have the best conditions to practice. Here life is toughness and yet, we are happy.

Vasco (Cheng Fà)