Sublimate the Form and the Formless into Heavenly Medicine

From November 11th to November 25th 2017, the first Daoist Medicine High Level course was attended at the Five Immortals Temple by 13 students from France, Australia, Russia, Canada, Germany, America, Finland, Ireland and Portugal.

Building on the foundation of the Daoist Medicine course, the High Level course especially focused on ancient methods of energy healing, that in the past used to be transmitted secretly from one teacher to one student only. Chinese Medicine nowadays only focus on healing the form, while Daoist Medicine nowadays only focus on healing the formless, both falling short by half. The purpose of this High Level course is thus to unify the form and formless aspects of medicine, to sublimate into Heavenly Medicine.

The first steps into this advanced content was to study the precepts and incantations for daily life, that should be maintained by the practitioner so as to guarantee a virtuous conduct and a solid, positive, pure energy field. All the students who wished to study the content of the course first committed by taking the Three Refuges and receiving the Initial Truth Ten Precepts.

The principal content on the course was the study of the Zhu You Shi San Ke, an ancient scripture transmitted since the ancient times of Xuan Yuan Huang Di the Yellow Emperor. Its content is specialized in methods including incantations, talismans, hand symbols, and specific ceremonial practices performed in places with special energy fields , so as to establish a connection to unify with the masters of higher dimensions. These methods are especially used to heal diseases whose causes are not understood nor treated by Western Medicine or Chinese Medicine, as they remove the external energy fields causing the disease (disturbances from external negative energy fields, interferences caused by wandering souls, and consequences from previous actions of oneself or of one’s ancestors, …).

The requirements toward the practitioner are very stricts, and are all built on the foundation of sincerity and reverence, and of cultivating a heart of love, compassion, forgiveness and inclusivity, and a virtuous conduct. The patient is required to beg for the healing, have faith into the healing methods, to adopt an attitude of repentance and to transform one’s thoughts, and to commit to engage in accomplishing more meritorious deeds to benefit all living beings after the healing.

Such a dense content was studied in a very short time, and demanded a great capacity to memorize and recite a large amount of scriptures. Most of the work needs to happen after the students go home. Only through mastering the content first, so as to be able to practice it over a long time according to the requirements, would the students finally be able to use it. Everyone did put a lot of efforts and understood how precious was what they were given to study.

Exactly at the very end of the course, the sky opened to manifest an auspicious rainbow, that was round like a halo, just over the Five Immortals Temple.