“Point of Transformation”

These last weeks have been very rich with information and experiences. First there was the ceremony for relatives who committed suicide. I realized I had to separate and let go of my mother. I was too attached and it was not good for her nor for myself. I believe she sent me these visions of her dancing and singing, turning in a white dress, full of happiness. I was so surprised but now I understand I should be happy too.’

   The classes are very intense, we receive a lot of information, but to me the most important is the process we are living through the everyday life in the temple. . I could not imagine how different it was going to be this year spending two months during the fall comparing to last year, when I spent ten days in the temple during alchemy class. The weather was nice, it was full of joy. This time I had to face my limitations about bitterness and I was not expecting it. I realized I am attached to my warm room and large bed and to the possibility of being alone whenever I need. It makes me sad to be attached to these material conditions, but I have to be honest with it. I was also disappointed  to see that I have to work on my compassion and try not to judge other people but at the same time I am very happy to face my limitations and to learn more from myself.

   Daily training and eating healthy food is transforming me. I realize that self-healing from long time joint pains is possible. I have more confidence in my power. I had lost this self-confidence many years ago, maybe thirty years ago and I could not imagine to find it back. I have the feeling that everything is possible again and it is all about letting go, faith, training and being in a positive
and elevating environment.

   After the alchemy class last year, I realized I had the most elevating experience of all my life. This time is different because I can feel, I can start to touch and sense my inner power and control. Of course I know that the hardest test will be back in society but I understand the importance of the environment and I do not want to live in a big city any longer.

  I do not know if it is my imagination but I have the feeling that what I am experiencing in this life are shortcuts to help me remember past lives. I am very glad of all the assistance we receive from Heaven these last years and at that special time. I have faith again that humanity will be able to save mother earth, because I am experiencing the miracle of changing my own thoughts and mental patterns.


“Synchronicity of Life”

    We are on the home stretch of the Daoist Medicine course. Only nine days left. We are now getting our teeth into the practical aspects of moxa, prick bleeding, scraping (gua sha) acupuncture, massage, cupping; a lot of techniques that we can use to tonify or reduce the body, the organs, the meridians or the emotions.
I am attracted the most by cupping, scraping (gua sha) and moxa  and I will definitely integrate it into my massage therapy practice. The techniques are not too difficult to apply, yet it takes time to practice. I guess it is more difficult to have the right diagnosis which is the most important to get the best results. I am still not confident enough to give a diagnosis, but I may be close to. I need to do case studies outside the temple in order to really practice what I learned here. Actually I have not even left the temple and I already have my first patient since my friend called me yesterday asking for help.

   A few weeks ago we learned how to use the Yi Jing. The book of transformation and
three questions came up. One about my family and friends and the last one of the questions was about the health of the organs of a friend of mine who already had some trouble before I came here – namely stomach ulcer – and that had another problem arise at this time, one that made me feel in his voice the physical pain that he is experiencing from a kidney stone. The pain is terrible that I tried to give him some advice. At first I gave him the number of a traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in his area. Western medicine cannot do much for him at this stage, as the Kidney stone is too small. Now I understand better what Shifu says:

“Western medicine can be good for intervention, but for prevention and recovery Chinese medicine offers much better solutions and pragmatic tools.”

  Then I told my friend that there are many methods for kidney stones. I told him a bit about all the methods including the herbs. His Liver is full because he is taking too much anti-inflammatory drugs, affecting all the other elements. I understand more the link within the whole body, and the Five Elements theory. My friend was also often worried about money for his new family, thus two emotions stood out; fear and worry, stomach ulcer and kidney stone, exactly the corresponding emotions.

   It is just the beginning of my journey into Daoism, Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, yet I already feel having more faith in those therapies and the Art and Way of living. It is an amazing system than can change someone’s life, and bring so much energy, motivation, health, happiness, peace of mind, physical power, concentration, discipline, and connection with the Earth and the Universe .

   Sometimes I have doubts, but life always sends me signs and synchronous events that remind me that I am on the right path, and that I should continue to put in efforts for myself, my family and all the living beings.

   I am grateful to be here at the Temple to study. I really want to come back next year to learn more about Tai Chi. I am grateful to Shifu, the teachers, and grateful to Life.