IMG_5968This week started our first course of the year 2015 : the two-months long Tai Ji Course. We welcomed at the temple 9 new students, from Mexico, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, and Denmark. We are currently 20 people in the temple, with 15 foreign students attending the course, which is maybe the greatest number of students the temple has ever received at once until now. It felt a little bit crowded in the beginning, but very quickly we found a collective harmony. Within few days, the new students all adjusted well to the temple life, and our first week of classes started. In the early morning, we assemble at 5.30am and run to the White Jade Zhen Wu IMG_5740Altar at the top of the mountain, then we practice all together Dao Yin (Tu Gu Na Xin – Expelling the Old and Welcoming the New, Long Qi Gui Yuan – The Qi of the Dragon Returns to the Source, Dan Feng Chao Yang – The Phoenix of the Elixir Worships the Sun) and standing meditation (Zhuang Gong). After breakfast we swiftly clean up the temple, each team having specific appointed chores, and we start the physical training. We are currently learning the form of the 33 movements Tian Ma Tai Ji Quan (Heavenly Horse Tai Ji Fist), step by step, holding stances. In the afternoon, we gather for theory classes, during which we study the theory of sitting meditation, and the foundations of Tai Ji (history, basic principles, and requirements for the body and the movements). In the evening, at 9.30pm, we enter the Five Immortals Altar for one hour of collective sitting meditation. On the 30th May 2015, Li Shifu held a DSC_3185ceremony within the Five Immortals Temple Altar, and the new students entered the 24th generation of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai (Complete Reality Dragon Gate Sect), whose generation name is Cheng (Honest, Sincere). Few days after the ceremony, the new student Cheng Ran had to leave the temple. He spent 3 weeks studying intensively. Being a Western Medicine doctor as well as a Chinese Medicine doctor, he was looking for a place to elevate himself and open the gate of the Dao. Upon leaving, he said he was extremely grateful that he had found not only a place to study but also a home. We hope he will diligently keep practicing everything he learnt and quickly return to learn more. As a Daoist saying goes : »Getting a life in the East is very difficult, Hearing of the True Teaching is extremely Difficult ». We wish that all those who have the destiny to come to the Five Immortals Temple, and receive the transmission of the teaching from Li Shifu, will cultivate and transform themselves.