Notice for students interested in Taoism and Martial Arts Courses

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Kungfu Course:
Students must have a healthy and robust body, and be capable of enduring one hour of intense training drills.

Taoist Medicine Course:
New students must familiarize themselves with meridians anatomy before the start of the course; they must remember more than 80 acupuncture points (download point list). People with specific medical knowledge, experience and qualifications are most welcome.

Course on Taoism:
For magic incantations (talisman and mantras), erecting an altar and internal alchemy practices, students must grasp the religious precepts and must adhere to a vegetarian diet. They must have a certain foundation of sitting meditation and stillness cultivation. They must fulfill even stricter requirements in regards to the person’s ideologies, perspectives on the Dao and Virtue, on value and human life, and the person’s fundamental understanding. The decision also depends on the destiny with one’s teacher. (The requirements for students concerning other contents are relatively lenient like the Yi jing, scripture recitation, feng shui etc.          

Taoism and Martial Arts

Taoism and Martial Arts

Contents of study is dynamic and changes according to each group of students.  We keep groups small to ensure quality and familial atmosphere.  All courses on Taoism and Martial Arts are taught by Li Shi Fu with assistance and translation from Senior Instructors.

Students will stay in the living quarters within the temple (1-2 persons per room, men and women in separate quarters).  Three meals provided everyday; Chinese style all vegetarian dishes cooked over a wood fired wok.  If a student needs to eat meat they can purchase it and/or cook it in one of the kitchens outside of the temple.  Students should be prepared to meet the living conditions here; wooden beds, insects, squat toilets, earthen and concrete floors, moist environment and mold.  There is a shower room with hot water where students may bucket bath conservatively.

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