The Heavenly Mechanism of
Retrieving the Light and
Reverting the Illumination

‘The Dao of Internal Refinement’ is utmost easy and utmost simple.
Only strive to descend the heart-fire so it enters into the Cinnabar Field. Retrieve the intent to the Cinnabar Field whether one is able or not will depend on the level of Gong and the level of self-refinement. It may take ten, twenty or thirty years or an entire lifetime.

Because the Cinnabar Field is the Palace of Kan, it therefore belongs to water. The heart is the Palace of Li and therefore belongs to fire. Fire enters inside water, water and fire intermingle. The fire must travel downwards into the lower Cinnabar Field.  And the True Yang is produced. The ancient people called the ‘Heart and Kidney’, precisely ‘Kan and Li’.

The Perfected One Zheng Yang said:

“Descend the Heart-Fire,
because the Southern Celestial Body representing fire moves
to enter the Northern Celestial Body Position representing water.”

This example still resorts to the eight trigrams as means of explanation.
Shi Xing Lin said:

“Concentrate the Spirit inside the Qi-Point and
the Elixir Path naturally comes into existence.”

It is simply an issue of the duration you manage to put your Spirit there.

Liu Hai Chan said:

“I awakened to the principles of everlasting life:
Tai Yang –Supreme Yang- immerses in Tai Yin –Supreme Yin.
The Sun subsides in the moon.”

The Palace of Li enters the Palace of Kan.

Xu Jing Yang said:

“I will reveal the methods of my family traditions and their purposes.
Tai Yang moves inside the Bright Moon.”

In the past teachers taught to concentrate spirit and enter the Qi-point, that is all.

The Founding Father Wang Chong Yang said:

“At the time of the initial building of the foundation,
at first one must take the upper orifice’s Spirit and
make it sink and submerge into the lower orifice’s Qi-Point.”
The heart-mind and the breath mutually depend on each other.
Enable the True Intent to awaken permanently.
One exhale – one inhale, the coming and going of the breath
comes into creation and transforms in the furnace.
Over the long time practice of one’s thoughts and
many repetitions later there will be purity and proficiency.
The Heart-Monkey locked up and the Mind-Horse tied up,
care-free and without concerns change occurs naturally.
The power of fire and the light of fire are emitted from below the navel.
Movement and Yang are released and initiated.
The tiger representing the Essence is born within the water.

In Buddhism this tiger is called the ‘Snowy Mountain’s Mighty White Ox’. It is created in the Qi-Point. The True Essence comes into being.

Scientific laboratories are unable to detect the Qi inside the Essence, not even with a hundred-times magnifying microscope, even though Pre-heaven Qi, True Qi, is inherent to semen:
“Pre-heaven gives birth to Post-heaven,
Post-heaven contains Pre-heaven.”

A human body without thoughts resembles a zombie, a human body without thoughts resembles a vegetable.
But when thoughts move, Qi disperses and the pores open. Desires arise – Qi disseminates. Without a firm grasp on one’s desires, nothing can be of use.

Mencius said:

“Appetite for food and desire for sex are part of human nature.”

They are human natural instincts and therefore the two greatest desires in a human life. That is why it may take thirty or fifty years. It is a difficult undertaking.

The True Qi unifies with the thoughts in one place. It will naturally take refuge in the centre. Alchemy is not just on the conscious level, but on the biological and material plane, it has form. This theory exists only in Daoism. Essence, Qi and Spirit unite naturally. Initially safeguard the orifice below the navel – the Furnace of Kun. This is a reference to the ninth article ‘The Most initial Reverting to the Void and the Hibernation of the Qi-Point’. Retrieve the light and reverse the illumination. Originally it is a sphere of blackness, as if a moon’s Yin Soul – its dark side without light, its grounds of Pure Yin’s. It is the luminescence of the two eyes called the sun’s light.

Where does the moonlight come from?

It comes from the sunlight shining upon the moon –introspection. The moon receives concentrated illumination from this Fire of the sun. Wind is blowing and hissing. This is a reference to the bellows for blowing up a fire in a furnace and this analogy stands for breathing.
Naturally white is born inside of black. A light is slowly developing out of darkness. Sun and moon are metaphors to exemplify internal alchemy processes.
Just like there is only the slightest moonlight visible on the third day of the lunar month.

Fire is emitted inside the water, slowly generating heat.
The True Qi and Essence, Qi and Spirit are originating and growing.
Warm Qi rotates and revolves in the Qi-Point.
And owing to the the True Yang – the white tiger’s initial movement,
Existence is born in the centre of nothingness.
A Spirit light emerges amidst nothing.
Whiteness is born out of blackness.
Without sun one is unable to see the moon.”
Its power is increasing further and further, going from strength to strength to ultimately transmute.”

It is also said:
“Below the Pure Yin, the Qi-Point, the lower Cinnabar Field,
it is necessary to employ the wind-fire refinement,
the practice of breath and thoughts.
Only then is Yang Qi able to appear,
only then Yang Qi’s form can take shape.
This all allows you to understand how to use your thoughts,
how to visualise and how to achieve
a tiny amount of the invisible void and non-existent Original Spirit.
One must take advantage of wind and fire, breath and thinking.
And consequently Yang Qi will increase in size.
Store it below, inside the Qi-Point.
One must hide it in the Furnace of Kun.
This is called ‘Delivery to the Refuge of the Earth Cauldron’.
A cauldron is a wok or a furnace, and the trigram Kun’s element is also earth.
Without earth none of the ten thousand things would be born .
Could they grow on rocks or in water instead?
It is also named ‘The Enclosure’s Firm Seal’.”

Cover it well and do not let it escape. Close it off well like a water tap.
How can you stop it from running off, having so many dealings and issues to take care of every day?
How can you prevent it from leaking, having social intercourse with many people every day?

Without water in the wok the fire underneath is useless. Water in the wok without fire underneath it, is also useless:

“Water without fire is insufficient.
Fire without water is insufficient.
Water and Fire in equilibrium,
Water and Fire in balance and harmony,
Water and Fire- After Completion.”

One must care for the water of the Kidneys, protect and nourish it. Stillness cultivation is adding water to the wok. Only with the presence of fire can you turn the water into steam and cycle it, otherwise the water when full will eventually leak.

If you intermittently heat it how could you achieve the objective of steam?

Only when the thoughts are kept in Cinnabar Field is one able to do it.

A day has 24 hours, how can one possibly do it in society?
Cars, stocks, houses, fame and gain prevail in the world of dust.
It cannot be done. It is not something that can be accomplished by a common person. Do not think it is that easy.

The Pre-Heaven Original Spirit
-the void spirit’s character luminescence- is safe in its centre
as if a turtle is hidden in its shell, as if a snake in hibernation.
Non-oblivion, non-assistance;
As if surviving, as if perishing.
In the centre of yin and yang, in the centre of existence and non-existence, in point zero.
One deviation to the left and one is gone;
One deviation to the right and one’s thoughts are running off.

Zhuang Zi said:
“It can only be perceived by intuition and sensed,
but never passed on with words.”

Long-lasting inhaling and exhaling mutually contain each other. They are unified in hiding. There is no breath anymore, no separation of in-breath and out-breathe. One has entered into the realm of embryonic breathing. The Spirit and Qi mutually embrace each other. They are merged. Naturally the Orifice of the Mysterious Pass opens. The portal of transformation and sublimation unfolds. And the True Seed is produced and gradually growing.
It could also be called the True Elixir, the Elixir Seed, the Higher Self, the Original Spirit, the Seed of the Yang Spirit, the True Spirit. In Buddhism it is known by the name of ‘Absolute Reality’.

This content originates from the Bai Yu Chan’s research, advanced studies and cultivation. He physically verified it step by step.