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“Our personal wellbeing starts with our compassion for others”

“Don’t be afraid of eating bitter as without rain there will be no rainbow.”


Dwelling of the Immortals

• Inner Discipline

Letting go… one of the fundamental concepts of Daoist philosophy was also one of the greatest decisions I’d ever made.

• New Healing Opportunity for those in Need

•  Becoming One

• Taijiquan course testimonies

 It is difficult to place a number or a value on the ways in which the soul grows.
•  Let the dirt and sweat accumulate as to the significance of your hard work and growth
Electrifying Energy Rolling Through My Chest
Legal Daoist Medicine Certificates
If you want change, how could you not change here?
The Heavenly Dipper Swordsmanship the and Heavenly Dipper Eight Trigrams
• Gratitude, Compassion, Faith…
Divinatory Horns
Seven Star Sword training begins
• The 4th week of the GongFu-Course
Enter in to Hard Qi Gong and Ancient Five Dragons Ba Gua Zhang
The birthday of Xi Wang Mu- the Queen Mother of the West.
“It’s hard, the body is not used to it, the mind neither.”
Beginning of 2016 Gong Fu course and healing the Buddhist nun
New Year of the Fiery Monkey
Daoist Divination
Opening Ceremony of Tai Shan Miao
Tai Shan Miao
A Return to Health
There is no Chinese Medicine without Qigong
Moxibustion, Pricking, Cupping, Scraping
Difference Between Daoist Medicine Doctor and Common Chinese Medicine Doctor
Combination of Taiji and Acupuncture
How to Diagnose in Daoist Medicine
Beginning of Daoist Medicine Course
Interesting Experiences with Daoist Medicine
Training Skill was to Protect Life
• Everything changes, let yourself change to find your way
If you don’t have questions, then what are you doing here?
Don’t Fear Tired, Don’t Fear Bitter, Don’t Fear Pain
• Daily Schedule Tai Chi Course
Tai Chi Course Has Began
Front of the Temple
Birthday of Xi Wang Mu
Birthday of Lao Zi
The Temple is vibrant with life
Return of Xiao Bo
Studying around the fire
  Winter is nearly over and constructions time begin
Cheng Liang and Fanyi – healing progress review