Daoist Eight Requirements 道教八要求 – Sage Hood


„Cultivating only innate nature without cultivating life, the first fault of refinement practice; cultivating only your ancestral nature without the cultivation of the elixir pill, for generations the yin spirit will have difficulty to enter sage hood.“

-Xing De-

method, growth, friendship, environment, virtue, wisdom, realization, destiny

numerous methods: breathing-control, standing meditation, qi flow etc.

inner and outer growth with adjustment of the five elements, no illness means a healthy body. Inner wealth is health, outer wealth is enough to live on.

lü 侣:
The kind of friends who would give their life for you and stand by you in the worst situations. They call it the law of protections – protectors who need to have the understanding of how to protect you. The wealth is to feed and house your protectors.
There are two types of teachers:
Earthly teacher in human form
Teacher that has already transformed his body. It is very hard to find a one-to-one teacher as it used to be. It is not easy. You have to grasp what your teacher passes down to you as he already walked the road and knows the exits and crossings, or on a river, he knows the shallow and the deep spots. We are on different levels but everyone’s goal is the same. You can trade your life and later you can get it back, that is the wanted mentality.

It must be a place where others previously ascended like the Wudang mountain range. Then it is a place of true spirit, they can help you in your struggle with demons. You have to be able to communicate with them (like knowing how to light your incense). That is why immortals have ascended from the five holy mountains. 99% are the kind that do not need the body anymore.

Virtue (Dao De Ching)

hui 慧:
Wisdom to distinguish what is real and what is fake. The wisdom to protect yourself.

Sensitive intuition, the master tells you one method and you gain five methods from it. It is not passed down by language.

There is 8 billion people in the earth and from all of them, how many is one destined to meet with?  If you would have never come here, master would not have been able to teach you or you.


Sage Hood

Sage Hood