Wudang Tao Arts – Wudang Taoist Arts

Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion. Its history could be summed up as the worship of the universe natural powers by the people of ancient times, the reverence of spirits and immortals 5000 years ago during the reign of the Yellow Emperor Huang Di, the philosophy of Lao Zi (Lao Tsu) 2500 years ago during the Spring and Autumn Annals, to the Han Dynasty where Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling’s founded religion slowly took shape. The content of the scriptures is all-encompassing, voluminous like a sea of fog.
Wudang Tao

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  Wudang Tao Arts and Taoist history; Explanations of the origin, development and current state of Taoism
Wudang Internal Alchemy Cultivation; Explications on the Elixir Classics, “Building the foundation is unlimited in years, but it only takes 100 days to achieve the elixir. When one grain is swallowed and enters the belly, my life does not rest with heaven anymore.”
Becoming an immortal and grasping the Wudang Tao – examinations to pass: 49 barriers, “Great wisdom comes from the heart-mind, outside the heart-mind seek nowhere else, thus achieving complete meaning, no past and no present.”
Scripture rhyme and ceremonial instruments; Expounding on the Morning and Evening Scripture, the musical rhyme and rhythm, musical instruments and methods for the musical performance
Taoist rituals and rites; The study of specific ceremonies, for praying and warding off calamities for people begging for help from the depth of their heart of hearts
Scripture Explanations: Dao De Jing – Scripture of the Way and Virtue, Yin Fu Jing- Scripture of the Hidden Talisman, Gong Ke Jing – Morning and Evening Scripture, Huang Ting Jing – Yellow Court Scripture and so on
Yi Jing Theories; Explanations and methods for its use
Yin Yang Theories; Heavenly Stems Earthly Branches, Five Elements, Generating, Controlling, Restricting, Transforming, selection of auspicious times.
Feng Shui– Geomancy; Eight Mansions, Taboos, suppressing demonic residences and delivering evil
Divination, Yi Jing Fortune-telling, Eight- Lines-Forecasting, Eight-Characters-Divination, Big-Dipper-Numerals-Calculations. Half-Palm-Foretelling.
Daoyin Yangsheng Gong; Sitting in stillness Qi Gong, Sleeping Dragon Qi Gong, Standing Meditation Qi Gong
Wudang Tai Chi , Wudang  Qigong; Coursing qi, Wudang Tao – Daoyin (“Taoist Yoga”) “Guiding and Leading”
Fasting and Abstention from food; Eating qi as a substitute for grain. “Ingesting wind, swallowing dew”
Qi Gong Healing; Theories, Methods,Wudang Qigong Nine Postures, Bone-Marrow-Washing-Qi Gong (Chi Kung)
Taoist Medicine; Theories, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Scraping, Massage, Fire Healing, Herbal Medicine and other natural methods for healing and recovery
Erecting a sacrificial Altar; Methods to commune with the universe’s energetic field and the higher wisdom, hand seals (aka mudras), rites, talisman, incantations (aka mantras) for sacrificial purposes, with special requirements for students.
Taoist rules and precepts; at-home 5 precepts, temple rules, The Initial Reality Ten Precepts.

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