Music Therapy – Music Healing

Music Therapy - Music Healing

Music Therapy – Music Healing

 This Music Therapy method utilizes specific Five Zang-Organs music. Auditory sessions are conducted for the ill, with a selection of tones according to the disease. The tone is chosen for holistic recovery, aiming for not only the successful cure of diseases as well as the improvement of health, the removal of illness at its roots and the prolongation of life.
• Scripture rhyme and ceremonial instruments
• Reciting the morning and evening scriptures
• Musical rhyme and rythym
Five healing tones
Six healing sounds
• Musical instruments and methods for musical performance
 Why can sound heal illnesses?

Energy Medical Science basic principles are as follows:
Every person has a primary energetic field that is generated physically, emotionally and psychologically, thus is manifested in one’s actions and general condition. If internal or external stimuli change the energetic field, the physical, emotional and psychological state will react accordingly. When the body, mind and soul are electrically charged by the healing vibrational frequencies, they become in sync with the harmonious vibrations.

Illnesses are one manifestation of disorder of the body’s vibrational frequency. Moreover the curative vibrational frequencies create order in the centre of this chaos. One method for changing the energetic field is called the science and technology of cymatics. It allows us to concretely see the pattern of sound and how it functions. This is precisely the reason why incantations, mantras, scripture chanting, hymns and the energetic fields of musical sound waves are able to change the energetic fields of objects in its vicinity. Strong evidence of this is demonstrated by cymatics. According to historical records, five thousand years ago at the time of Fu Xi, stringed instruments, ocarinas and other musical instruments were being created in China.

The Three Emperors researched 12 tunes corresponding to the 12 meridians in the human body. These 12 tunes make use of the five different categories – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water-, of the Five Notes on the pentatonic scale, the Six Yin Pitches and Six Yang Pitches, and the Eight Trigram Tones. All of the above correspond to specific Yin and Yang organs of the human body. Specific energetic frequencies penetrate the human body’s skin, orifices and acupuncture-points, enter the Yin and Yang organs and are therefore utilized in the regulation of diseases, recuperating and healing the physical body, mind and soul.
Nowadays, through the use of scientific methods, it was found eight types of specific frequencies that exert a curative and recuperative effect on the physical body:

[1] 285Hz: restores health of cells and connective tissue, and leads to physical rejuvenation;
[2] 396 Hz: eradicates feelings of shame, guilt and fearful thoughts, leads to the emission of positive vibrational frequencies;
[3] 417 Hz : alleviates peoples’ mental stress and feelings of competition;
[4] 528 Hz: repairs cells, equally awakens the consciousness;
[5] 639 Hz : generates feelings of acceptance for oneself and for other people;
[6] 741 Hz: cleanses cells and elevates peoples’ self-confidence and abilities;
[7] 852 Hz: awakens intuition and unleashes the human body’s potential;
[8] 963 Hz: stimulates the pineal gland and sublimates divine powers;

Li Shi Fu,  transmits ‘Daoist Five Tone Longevity Music Healing ‘ principles and methods which have been personally imparted to him by the top international music healing specialist Grandmaster Wu Shen. Grandmaster Wu Shen spent nearly 30 years researching music and putting it into practice. The music has incredibly curative and recuperative effects on difficult-to-heal and non-typical illnesses of body, mind and soul.