Internal Alchemy – Dan Dao – Nei Dan – Elixir Way
Internal Alchemy

Internal Alchemy

The Elixir is the spherical, the merging, the bright, the everlasting and the never-being-spoilt. People, who possess it, will be able to live long without aging. Their actions and abilities will be likened to the immortals in heaven. The Dao, since it is the universe’s truth, is also a path or road, a logic, with principles and methods. Once grasped, mastered and put into practice according to the requirements, one will be able to achieve the goal of immortality, attainment of the Dao and unification with the Dao.

In ancient times there was a distinction between internal and external alchemy:

External Alchemy:

External Alchemy is a process which uses aluminite, mica, cinnabar, lead, mercury and so on. For instance the five metals and 8 minerals are for a long time repeatedly heated and smelted in a special furnace according to requirements until accomplishment. The process is elaborate, time-consuming, costly, energy-consuming, and furthermore crystallization of the elixir medicine possesses poisonous properties. Therefore it was often met with censure and criticism. Moreover extremely few people succeeded throughout history.
According to Immortal Master Yuan Dun Zi, 70 years ago there were only 4-5 people out of 1.6 billion Chinese in all of China that heated and smelted the external elixir, i.e. practiced external alchemy. Nowadays it has already vanished.

Internal Alchemy:

Internal Alchemy is a form of cultivation that makes use of the human body’s own post-heaven Jing-essence, Qi-Energy and Shen-Spirit as medicinal material in order to set up a furnace in one’s own body, erect a cauldron, light a fire and heat, smelt and refine. According to set methods and techniques, directions, timing, and quantities, the post-heaven Jing-essence, Qi-Energy and Shen-Spirit emerge and transform, are made sublimate, and return to pre-heaven.

1. Through exercising ones self, the foundation is laid.
2. Through refining saliva, it transmutes into Jing-essence.
3. Through refining Jing-essence, it transmutes into Qi-Energy.
4 Through refining qi, it transmutes it into Shen-spirit.
5. Through refining Shen-spirit, it returns to the Void.
6. Through refining the Void, it unifies with the Dao.

Internal Alchemy

Internal Alchemy

Step-by-step let your material physical body and the state of mind undergo a qualitative transmutation. Once one has achieved this objective of long life and immortality, one can be immersed in water without drowning, enter fire without being burnt, shift form and change shadow, change place and shift location, one step to the sun, enjoying the moon.

There are many throughout history who have succeeded in this. The 2nd and 3rd step are easily attained and achieved. This is the healthcare and longevity content on the level of society’s masses. Step 4 and 5 depend on one’s destiny. Of all of the steps, the 1st step is the most difficult. If one does not have the gong-skill of having exercised one’s self to lay a foundation. wishing to ascend to heaven and becoming an immortal, becoming a Buddha, becoming a divine person, it is truly like building a high rise on sand, like filling broth into a bamboo strainer, fools speaking nonsense,
Seek a teacher who is clear about internal alchemy. If one has the destiny, one should undergo studies. After one has comprehended the methods, the passageway and thoroughfare, return and commence laying a foundation by exercising one’s self. Even people with great destiny and great fortune need 3-5-9 years. Some may even need 30-50 years, some people may even need longer. Some people say ‘in one hundred days one can lay a foundation’, what a joke. It is even better to say seven days is sufficient; this is an example and a process. Anyone saying they can open the small or large cosmic orbit in one hundred days, has lost it. There is no need as the meridian circulation is already unimpeded, otherwise people would be turned into vegetables.

Some people say ‘I have already opened the cosmic orbit- the complete Qi circulation’, others will ask you ‘What you now say here is of what use over there?’ If anyone claims to have achieved this goal but as a woman still has breast and menstruation, as a man still has large genitals, they are cheaters. Their blood should have turned white and they should not have to go to the toilet anymore nor depend on mouth or nose breathing. If they mouth and nose are covered where does the breath and oxygen come from? Embryonic breathing. Their molecules have already transmuted. The Abbot of White Horse Mountain Five Immortals Temple in Wudang said: “Anyone teaching Internal Alchemy must be examined. If they cannot explain embryonic breathing’s origin, how can they talk about it? How can someone lead people across the river without having crossed it beforehand?
Anyone in society offering to teach Internal Alchemy for a high price is a swindler. A student of Internal Alchemy should have a look at the five immortals temple’s foundational 49 barriers scripture for a proper examination of the basic foundation of the alchemy practice preparation.”

At an Auspicious Hour on the Third Day of the First Lunar Month in the Year 2015

-Xing De – Li Shifu-

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