In the Temple, Five Immortal Masters are enshrined and worshiped, according to legend they all were endowed with high wisdom. The Great Immortal Master deeply studied the Book of Changes and the Analects of Confucius, encouraging to follow heaven to protect the constants, humanity and forbearance. The Second Immortal attained the most advanced Kung Fu and Martial Arts Studies, advocating to apply the martial virtues and physical strength to serve the people. The Third Immortal excelled in coursing qi, sitting in stillness and internal alchemy cultivation, emphasizing the grasp on one’s life and the reversal of yin and yang. The Fourth Immortal was proficient at herbal medicine healing, propagating to rescue humans and heal the heart. He distinguished cause and effect lucidly. The Fifth Immortal was an expert of musical tunes, songs and rhapsodies.
The Immortals teach people to cultivate their heart-mind, to nourish their innate nature and to shape their integrity. Since they frequently display their supernatural powers in the world to help people in need, crowds of people from all around the area often climb up the mountain to make sacrificial offerings to them. It takes about 50 minutes on foot from the small village at the bottom of the mountain to climb to the temple, the villagers usually regard this Daoist ritual place as a center for prayers, physical protection, dispelling disasters and avoiding hardship. They consider the Five Immortals to be the protector gods of their families and relatives. During special holidays they climb the mountain to express their respect and reverence or to donate daily necessity products to the Daoists. They also worship The Great Sovereign Of the Northern Heaven Xuan Wu at the peak.Five Immortals