Wudang Internal Alchemy – Dan Dao – Nei Dan
Wudang Internal Alchemy

Wudang Internal Alchemy

Wudang Internal Alchemy Cultivation, explications on the Elixir Classics. “Building the foundation is unlimited in years, but it only takes 100 days to achieve the elixir. When one grain is swallowed and enters the belly, my life does not rest with heaven anymore.”
Becoming an immortal and grasping the Dao – examinations to pass: 49 barriers, “Great wisdom comes from the heart-mind, outside the heart-mind seek nowhere else, thus achieving complete meaning, no past and no present.”
Please be aware that Wudang Internal Alchemy is taught only to those who meet the requirements of that practice and are destined to receive this teachings. In times when everyone is trying to sell this knowledge as a product for their own benefit, many advertisements about internal alchemy courses appear on the internet. In fact, the content of those courses usually covers only the longevity and basic qi gong training erroneously called internal alchemy, and have nothing to do with Daoist internal life and death solving methods. Please be aware that Wudang Internal Alchemy preparation and practice cannot be taught within one or two weeks, it requires years of ascetic training under the guidance of an accomplished master.
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One Hundred Words Poem Of Master Lu Dong Bin:
(this is a very much simplified version)
1. Cultivate Qi, forget speech,
2. Quiet heart, act effortlessly.
3. In movement and stillness know your true self,
4. There is nothing to want for; who is searching?
5. The eternal self must respond to the world,
6. When responding, don’t get attached and lost.
7. If not lost, mind dwells on itself,
8. When mind is settled, Qi returns.
9. When Qi returns, Dan Tian is reconstituted;
10. Fire and water arise in the center of the cauldron,
11. Yin Yang are continually reborn,
12. The mundane is transformed in one clap of thunder.
13. White cloud rises to head’s top,
14. Sweet dew sprinkles the celestial mountain.
15. Drink the wine of immortality,
16. Be at leisure; who is going to care.
17. Sit and listen to string-less melody,
18. Gain understanding through Nature’s secrets.
19. This poem is in 20 lines,
20. Now it’s up to you to climb the heaven’s ladder.