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Five Immortals Temple is a small and secluded place in the Wudang Mountains of China, welcoming all who seek to shape themselves in the Taoist Arts. Come study under the guidance of  Abbot Li Song Feng (Li Shifu). Experience the Taoist lifestyle and worldview.

Taoism and Martial Arts Courses are offered throughout the year on scripture, ceremony, Traditional Taoist Medicine and healing, internal martial arts, Wudang Qigong, Wudang Tai Chi, Wudang Sword and more.

Our goal is to produce coaches of a high-standard, masters of medical treatment and recovery from illness, people sharing the same path Wudang Internal Alchemy practice. Through study, the ultimate goal is to open one’s own Wudang Kung Fu school to instruct Kung Fu, to establish a longevity space, a healing center, to transmit the theories of longevity, to help even more people by ease the pain and suffering of illness, to make people return to naturalness and to co-exist with the harmony of Heaven and Earth. To communicate with the wisdom and life forms of higher dimensions, jointly explore the mysteries of the universe and the truth.

Despite which area of study one pursues, the true goal is always to open greater doorways of compassion inside the self. Power of place and traditional teaching style provide a deep journey for every aspirant.

 This place is not a school or martial arts academy, this is a temple and this is a home for a family. This is the only place in Wudang where foreigners can legally lodge and study Taoism and Martial Arts in a temple. That is why one must respect the temple rules and Taoist precepts. One must be able to endure bitterness, follow the plans and arrangements with discipline, unite and mutually support each other with love, compassion, kindness as well as understand the concept of gain and loss. One must study simple, common Chinese terms and phrases. If within two weeks one cannot get used or is unable to endure the conditions, one can quit. If one violates the rules and regulations, one must withdraw and leave. Every course-batch has a maximum quota of  people, Li Shifu personally teaches all courses content. Future students also can first visit for 3 days to inspect the conditions at that time food and accommodation are free. One must study and take part in the temple’s everyday chores and tasks, for example being in charge of temple halls, lighting incense, sweeping and cleaning, and so on.  Two people are accommodated per room, the diet is vegetarian inside the temple.