0430_1The 4th week of the GongFu-Course is over, half of the time has passed. Most of the students experience the relativity of time: on the one side it’s only 4 weeks since we started training, on the other it seems like as if we are here since much longer. The atmosphere here in the Five Immortals Temple on the White Horse Mountain makes the concepts of time & space somehow loose their meaning.

Since the last days off we started painting the walking pattern circles of the BaBu-Form (EightSteps-Form) in front of the temple entrance and this task is finished now. There are 7 circles in total with different measurements according to the height & the step size of the students. Looking at the circles from a higher viewpoint they definitely remind us of one of the crop circles of extra-terrestrial origin found almost everywhere around the world. The pattern of the circles contains a sacred geometry, similar to the flower of life. This map is a great talisman, on top of which the form is practiced. We all get a special feeling from this.

Since Li Shifu told us that the walking combined with the arm movement, all of them which follow circular motions, should be exercised at least 100 times per day everybody puts an effort in the free time in order to develop a more natural way of moving, walking and circling. Concerning the new content of the Ba Bu-form this week we were taught the 2nd & the 3rd step & even started learning the beginning of the 4th.

0430_2Just like the weeks before we continued practicing the 1st set of the DaGong (known in the west as hard QiGong), which is called the Heavenly Set. This week we started to pair up in order not to hit ourselves but to punch each other. Since we were training this set for more than a week, Li Shifu decided to examine our progress. Also the 2nd set of the DaGong was started to be taught, it is called the Human Set. We also learned the Shou Gong (collect Gong), the so called life saving methods.

We all appreciate training and put an effort to fulfill the requirements. Sometimes it’s quite hard, since our bodies and also our minds are facing limits once in a while. But all this is part of a process and will make us stronger on a physical as well as on a mental level.