Information about long-term renunciation and cultivation in the temple

I received already a lot of requests by emails or by phone of people expressing their wish to come here and become renunciate, live here on a long-term basis, to cultivate stillness and practice sitting meditation. This is a very beautiful and a very good aspiration. First of all, i want to say that this makes me very happy, because your higher self didn’t abandon you. Your true self and your soul wants to let you look for yourself in the midst of the confusion of modern life, of the pressure and exhaustion of living in society.
But you must understand that our temple is not a paradise, it is more like a gas station, or a repair shop, and i am also not a saint, because every day i still need to eat, sleep and go to the toilet. I am just like you, i am a common person, i am also someone still on the « Way », and i am very grateful that destiny allows me to connect with people from different countries to communicate, to study and to elevate together. Because there is an issue of visa, your time to study here might be for few months, maybe half a year – a short time. I will require from you to let go of your old thoughts, of your old understanding and of your old habits.
I am a small piece of yeast – just like the yeast used to make bread. I can give you a shallow foundation of theory, methods and direction. I wish to be able to help you open a new door. In the long-term, your way is to first grasp here the theory and the methods, to use them later in the midst of your life, not here in the temple on top of the mountain, but in the middle of your life in society, to put it into practice, to understand, to summarize, and to elevate yourself. Then you can let yourself turn into a small piece of yeast. My hope is that the knowledge, compassion and love of the Great Dao may be with you.