“When I arrived at the temple, I surely had a lot of will, but wasteful and unsustainable. Most of my life I had this kind of will, coming and going, still allowing me to achieve great things, but sometimes through painful moments. I would compare it to blowing on a fire to make it more intense, to have it emit more heat. It surely works, but in the end, you are just burning the wood faster and loosing your breath. Therefore, not so long after the end of the second week of training, I got sick and tired, so the fire went out. Only then, I discovered a new kind of will, a new flame, a slow burning, but everlasting one.  Instead of blowing on it like I would have before to get more heat, more intensity, I now know that only the slow process of collecting wood can make this possible and sustainable. I am now slowly gathering wood instead of loosing my breath.

Before my stay at the temple, I was using meditation to explore consciousness, experiment with different methods, traveling in and outside myself, looking for peacefulness and bliss. I was following the good feelings and letting go of the bad ones. Diving deep in the former, I could reach ecstatic body and mind feelings. I was enjoying it. I now know that this, is also a waste of Qi. I now know we must let go of the bliss just as much as we should let go of pain. We must reach stillness.”  – Olivier

“In this moment I feel I should touch on one subject which was, for me, a key factor in choosing to come to this specific location and study under this specific master. That subject is the authenticity that was expressed through the website about the value and depth of the teachings that were being offered. The truth of which has been validated, for me, through my experience thus far. Yes, there is the very physical aspect of the training one must endure to become proficient at any of the martial arts; that much is a given. However, what was, and is, unique and attractive to me is the offering of all of the other dimensions of what it means to truly study the Dao; a concept I make no notion of fully understanding, only merely that I have caught a glimpse of the seemingly infinite depth and vastness of these teachings. For me this is where I find great value.

Existence is so vast. Experience is immense. To truly be a student of life one must not only study the physical theories and lessons of life. One must open themselves to the understanding that all dimensions of existence hold value and wisdom. That with the guidance and teachings of a benevolent master, through study, diligent practice, time and sweat, one will being to make progress through the vast journey of cultivation.“  – Caleb

“I started Qi Gong practice every morning in Bai Ma Shan (白馬山) and I started to feel Qi in the body. I see how moving the physical body and breathing in and out “seem” to induce and “move” Qi, I have to continue on my observations and explorations on this.

Whether I understand this or not, the practice has already made some very positive effects on my body. With Tai Ji, Qi Gong and stretching exercises, my body has changed and adapted to new conditions much more and faster than I expected and I am feeling great!”

– Celine

“I think it is a truly valuable experience for every single being that crosses the ark at the entrance…We simply do not know how much it will help us to transform, evolve and transcend, which is also a good thing… learning to live with uncertainty, just trusting yourself, your master and your destiny. Here, if you are truly connected with yourself, willing to listen, sense, feel, to connect with the place, its magic, and the master, you can open channels to what goes beyond our current understanding, and explore without fear, in spite of how overwhelming it may be at times; in peace with your heart and the infinity.”  -Andrea