A return to health

Dear friends, yesterday my personal doctor gave me a blood test which I made last week. Some of you know, I went to the monastery of Five Immortals, suffered from Lyme disease. Master Li took me to the monastery, treated me with herbs, Tai Chi and Qi Gong … two months and a half … Before I go to China, the values of borelia (parasites Lyme disease), MGg was 55,5 and now 17, and borelia MGm was 21,6 and now negative…Here in Belgium, is if it’s more 15 is positive, but I think, that is only anticorps …I feel very good…I am very happy and very grateful to the Master Li … thanks to him I’m healthy after four years …

Tzvetanka Bernard
December 6 at 1:17am


Cheng Si, a western woman in her 50’s, had been suffering from Lyme disease for few years, a blood disease commonly transmitted by ticks. The main symptoms she had been suffering from were chronic fatigue, whole body pain, joints pain, weak immune system, endocrine system disorder, skin inflammations, and depression. She was worried the disease could aggravate and induce serious problems to her body as she would age. She had tried Western medicine and many different natural healing methods, but none of those methods had a definitive result.
She found out about the Five Immortals Temple researching on the Internet, and decided to come to seek Li Shifu to ask him for help.
She stayed within the powerful spiritual field of the Five Immortals Temple for 3 months, and Li Shifu gave her a plan for recovery. She was gradually taught a daily regimen of practice, in which she made consistent efforts: early morning Qi Gong, Longevity Qi Gong, Water Tai Ji, and evening sitting meditation. She drank herbal medicine for some time, made exclusively of wild natural herbs from the mountain, according to a medicinal formula given to her by Li Shifu. Finally, she received from Li Shifu a powerful formless healing. Her body recovered little by little, developing more strength.
She returned home after 3 months. She went to the hospital to make a blood test to enquire of her health condition. To her great relief, the blood test revealed that none of the antibodies for Lyme disease were present in her blood. The doctors told her that her recovery was complete and that she was fully healthy. She is very grateful to the White Horse Mountain, to the master and everyone who helped her.