%e9%a3%9e%e9%a9%ac111tshirttriI wish to be anonymous for different reasons, which I don’t feel the need to explain here. I have been studying Internal Martial arts, Nei Gong and Internal alchemy for many years. I have been living in ruins on mountain tops, in deep valleys with moldy houses, drinking from crystal clear springs and dirty brown water, with other people and alone, not separating it into good or bad, as there is always something to learn. I watched the seasons gone by, sprouts turn into green leaves, that turn yellow, fall down and decompose to nourish the next cycle.  Like the salmon I am going backwards, from the ocean, to the rivers, into the creeks to find the waters of my youth and the crystal clear spring were it all began.

I studied many methods, with different teachers, read tons of books and putting the theories into practice, piece by piece laying the puzzle of cultivation. In 2013 I had reached a point in my practice were I had problems to find answers to my questions of higher cultivation practices. I then had the opportunity to go to Bai Ma Shan to meet Li Shifu, since then I am coming back as often I can. The depth of his understanding in the theories of mystery and the level of translation by my older brothers and sisters are unmatched. Where my Chinese language level stops their continues.

The knowledge, explanations, examples and open heart sharing from Li Shifu and the other students of the course have helped me to clarify many of my questions, putting pieces to my unfinished puzzle, preparing my for the next steps. Li Shifu is the first teacher I have meet that are able and willing to explain the method and timing of the firey times 火火时,the dynamic Yang arising 活子and real Yang arising正子, usually well kept secrets and only orally transmitted.

Everyday we had the opportunity to ventilate our experiences and ask questions about our meditation and cultivation process. After which intense classes in theory and method followed. If you are willing to ask the questions you will get the answers, not always the answers you want, but the answers you need.

This is not a place to hide from yourself, the staying here is not easy, your old demons will seek you out and you will have to face your fears and worries in order to elevate.  I observed big changes in the people around me, as the first steps in internal cultivation can be revolving and turbid. Facing yourself is not an easy task, but with a warm heart and a firm guidance of a capable teacher, we all have a chance to succeed.

Author wish to stay anonymous…