22Time goes fast here up in the temple, the mountain sometimes floats over the clouds on the most beautiful spectacle making time just an illusion for us. Now that we have passed halfway through the Daoist medicine course, we are going to learn more about the detailed application of the different theories, which were taught before. The Qi gong exercises, the longevity Tai Ji, the morning and evening stillness practice is making everybody experience a lot of internal changes in their bodies, spirit, and thoughts.

This week was special, we had a ceremony for the new temple in the mountain, the pillars and main structure are finished now, really fast, it took them just two months to get to this point; without any doubt the Chinese workers of the village down the mountain are very happy for this and they are putting all their efforts to build it.

Also this week we received many worshipers from around the area, because of the national holidays. Some extra work on top of our daily duties in the temple, we help to keep this place sacred in every sense.

This week Li Shifu talked about the different tonification and reduction methods while using a needle to stimulate gates of the energy system of the the body. In the art of acupuncture it is necessary to cultivate Qi and explore one’s own internal body before using it to cure other people. Everyday practicing gong (skill) and healing methods builds the foundation to become a Daoist healer.

UnnamedDaoist doctors are far more advanced than common traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, especially in these modern times that seems that the true essence of the art is lost. A Daoist doctor considers others as his brothers and sisters, a member of his family, whereas Chinese Medicine Doctors practice medicine as a work, a source of income. To become a Daoist doctor, it is not as simple as just studying medical texts. The cultivation of internal energy requires a higher commitment with our selves, nature and the people on this planet. Studying the Daoist philosophy like the Huang Di Nei Jing, the Dao de Jing, and the I Jing is part of the foundation of the medical theories. Contemplating nature, to know how the universe works, is also fundamental to comprehend how the microcosms, that is our body, works.

2222The new students have finish learning the last steps of the Tai Ji form and now the entire group finally gets together to practice and improve, more and more special details were added to our practices, to express the Tai Ji with our bodies so we can unify as Heaven, Earth and Man. At the same time we are uniting in a new practice of group meditation based on pure love and compassion; we can use this energy to cure our selves and the people we have destiny with. Furthermore, it is our quest to spread this love and compassion cultivated in our Five Immortals family, to our home environment and finally to the whole world.