At the Five Immortals Temple on the White Horse Mountain, Li Shifu led 29 students from 13 different countries to take part in the Morning and Evening Scriptures and in Daoist High Ceremonies led by Gong Laoshi, Ceremony Master from the Purple Heaven Palace in Wudang Shan, to eliminate disasters and invite good fortune, blessings, peace and health. For most students, it was the first time that they could attend such ceremonies. Many of them were interested and could feel its special power.

Some students understood more about Chinese Daoist high ceremonies and the Daoist principles of the unification of Heaven Earth and Human, of  forgiveness, compassion and love. High priests, through the methods of hand-symbols, rituals, incantations, talismans, prohibitions, Qi and arts, establish bridges to communicate with heavenly beings in higher dimensions. Our prayers and vows are carried by the ceremony to be transmitted to Heavenly beings, Perfected beings and Immortals beings of the Great Dao, so as to seek their help. Therefore, the requirements for the High Priests, whether they are renunciates or at-home practitioners, are very high, and their precepts are very strict. The high priests conduct and character, external cultivation and internal practice, must reach a very high level so as to be able to communicate with the Perfected Beings and the Immortals Beings in the Heavenly Realms and in the Earthly Realms. They have to understand the true meaning of life, and the truth of the universe. If the high priests can not reach those requirements, this type of ceremony only becomes a formal performance, and can not establish connection with above and below, and have the effect of eliminating disasters and dissolving karmic afflictions.