UnnamedThe 2015 Daoist Medicine course ran for 2 months and was attended by 14 students, from Germany, France, Portugal, America, England, Ireland, Poland and Mexico, as well as 11 students from Czech Republic who stayed for one week.

Daoist Medicine is an immense subject of ancient natural healing that truly requires a lifetime to grasp.
The main requirement of the Daoist Medecine doctor is very high : one must have compassion, love, a wish to help others and a heart able to embrace all – a mind in accordance with the Dao and Virtue. The Daoist doctor considers others like his own family member.

Every morning at sunrise, all the students practiced Qi Gong and standing meditation for 2 hours until breakfast, then trained Longevity Qi Gong and the Tai Ji form for 3 hours after breakfast. The afternoons were dedicated to theory classes, that lasted 3 to 4 hours. In the evening after dinner, the students practiced healing Qi Gong and sitting meditation for at least 2 hours.

IMG_0416During theory classes, the students were first taught the most foundational theories of Yin-Yang and the Five elements, the Eight Trigram, the Nine Palaces, and the nat-ural unification of the energies of the universe according to time.

Then, we studied the 6 aspects of differentiation to formulate a diagnosis.

We kept going into our studies of natural healing methods with the study and practice of moxibustion, cupping, scraping, massage, fire healing, fumigation, steaming, soaking, washing, music healing with the five healing tones, Qi Gong healing, trigram healing, and numerals healing, distance healing, and methods using talismans and mantras.

Our last classes were spent on studying herbal medicine, to make our own medicinal decoctions, oils, alcohols and plasters, and how to recognize and pick wild herbs. To conclude, we were given medicinal formulas and indications of treatments for specific ailment.

Li Shifu gave every student, after the end of the class, the requirement that everyone must write his own summary, about his own true transformation and experiences, to share it with others. Maybe then more people will be able to receive help.